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Fire prevention measures in daily

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Laminate flooring. B1 level to achieve the standard flame retardant and drug grade standards. In addition to the floor we made the appropriate fire prevention measures, the choice of fire floor, the installation must also meet the fire safety requirements. Fire prevention measures in daily life are even more indispensable. Pay attention to the hidden fire in the house or the hidden danger of producing an open flame
    must be away from wooden furniture such as the floor. Part3: cherish the floor is important to prevent damage essential floor is in direct contact with a variety of objects, so its surface can be easily damaged. In particular, some of the harder furniture, appliances, etc., if you accidentally make a hard object and the floor collision, will easily lead to damage, affecting the overall effect. So how do we prevent and
    cope with the damage of the floor? Occurrence often analysis: easy to damage the floor and collision Solid wood flooring is extremely easy to damage, even the smallest gravel, over time also easy to wear solid wood floor surface color, leaving traces . Especially heavy furniture, after the collision, the bottom of the floor in contact with the location, easy to scratch, or even serious damage to the floor. There are
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