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Fetch Training?

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No, I am not talking about the traditional fetch where you throw a stick or something and ask the dog to fetch it back. I am talking about fetching useful things in the house like your slippers or newspaper. I find it interesting to be able to ask dogs to do these things. First, it is good interaction while doing useful things. Second, it is so convenient for us owners haha. However, is it really possible to make dogs do this? I have never tried it before, but I heard that some dogs can do it although I have never seen it with my own eyes. Has anyone managed to train their dogs to do "fetch"?
I have never managed to train my dogs to fetch items for me. I wish I could because it'd be pretty useful. I don't think I'd have the ability to teach a dog to do this, even if I was informed on how to do it. Most dogs that can do this are trained through a program, such as becoming a disability dog and such. I would look into training programs. There are some programs that will stick by your side as they instruct you on training techniques.
My dog doesn't even fetch the things we throw for fun, she just picks up the item and runs in circles around us to play "grab". But she does gather all the socks from the house in a pile in front of my mom.
I think you can apply the basic techniques of fetch to do the same thing. Your dog can help you become lazier for sure if they can do that, LOL. I was thinking of a way to teach my dog to fetch my phone, since sometimes, I don't want to get up :)
Well I know that there are service dogs out there that can do many of these functions for their owners. It is really remarkable when you think about it, and at the same time amazing to see. Even though they are trained, I would still like to think that there is an element of altruism at work, and I am pretty sure that there is.


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I have seen some dogs do that in videos and in some documentaries that I've watched. I must say that I have never tried teaching any of my dogs that kind of trick though. Maybe I just don't have the talent to do that. :) But I know that it can indeed be done, with a lot of patience and perseverance I know that it's possible.