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Favourite short haired dog breed?

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I personally prefer medium-coat dogs, but a lot of people I know love short haired dogs, since they're also easier to maintain. My favourite one is by far the Shiba Inu: I mean, just look at their face!
How about you? Do you have a favourite short haired breed, or are you more of a long-coat type?


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I love the glossy, sleek coat of Miniature Pinschers.

I'm also slightly biased towards short-haired chihuahuas, since I own one. Their fur is just so soft!
Yes, a fellow Shiba Inu lover! I also love short-coated dachshunds, Australian cattle dogs, and Labradors.

But I love dogs regardless of their coat-length. To me, it's not really that big of a deal whether they are long or short, wired or smooth. I'm all about personality ;)
Hmm... Are Labradors and Pugs considered short haired dogs? If yes, then Pugs and Labrador Retrievers are the best for me. The black Labradors in particular. Brown ones are good too, but they look a lot like Golden Retrievers.
Yes, short haired dogs are definitely easier to maintain, saves you a lot of time dusting. I have a medium-coated dog and dusting is a must at least every other day. Else, dog hair will be all over the place!


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Most of the dogs that I owned have short coats. I've had a Rotty, a Dalmatian, a couple of Dobermans and some Belgian Malinois. If I would choose a favorite breed, it would be the Rottweiler. I'm partial to it because my favorite dog was a Rotty. He was with me for 14 years.