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Favourite Dog Movies or Books

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In a slight spin on @dihewe 's thread, what are your favourite dog movies? Limiting it to anything that stars a dog in a leading role, whether its live action or animated, or if the dog talks or acts like a pet, what are your favourites?

As a dog book I grew up with the Incredible Journey and really loved it. I know its a standard one for people to say but the animals were animals, not people in fur, and yet they had such distinct characters and it was very definitely a period piece.

I wasn't so fond of Homeward bound, the movie version, although it was still a good film. I'm not sure what my favourite dog film would be. I had a soft spot for the animated version of Call of the Wild, although it has been years since I've seen it and I don't know how well it would hold up on a newer viewing.

So what are yours?
Hachi: A Dog's Tale
It's a movie based on the true story of the faithful dog Hachiko who went everyday to the railway station and wait for his master for years (His master went to work one day and never returned that evening as he died due to heart attack at work). The heart-wrenching tale moves me to tears every time I watch it.
Oh man, as a kid I used to get up early in the morning to see the black and white Lassie television show on Nickelodeon. I absolutely loved everything about Lassie. Then there was the animated film Balto that I used to watch on re-runs. My mom bought me the book at a school fair. It was read so much the cover eventually faded.

Has anyone read the Charles de Lint books called The Sight and Fell, about wolves with the ability to send their minds into other animals? They're absolutely stunning tales.

Lastly, I will still watch Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and wind up blubbering at the ending. The book, too, is absolutely a must-read for anyone that loves animals.


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Well it's not exactly a dog movie but I'd have to say The Journey of Natty Gann. It's such a great movie. I watched it first when I was a kid and so the dog was a huge plus! Writing about this I feel like I should be giving the movie another watch right about now! :-D
Hachiko's story really made me cry and Richard Gere is a such a great actor. I thought Lady and the Tramp was pretty romantic and a good story for kids and adults alike. There's also a dog in Babe:pig in the City that I remember liking so much because of his dedication to herding the sheep.
Where the Red Fern Grows. I think the dogs are main characters, but that's my opinion. The ending is sad, but the story is beautiful. I think it's a dog love story. I remember the first time I saw it as a girl, and it still makes me cry today.
I like many movies about dog, even the stupid silly ones. Lately though, I like Hachi; it touched my heart and I also like to look for movies about war dogs. Their devotion, talents and faithfulness are just over the top for me. Dogs have a lot to teach us!
Back in the day I loved movies that involved dogs or cats or other animals. My all time favorites are The Incredible Journey and Beethoven (the first two movies). But right now I tend to skip such films as they always make me cry. The filmmakers nowadays know how to make a heartbreaking story I just couldn't bear.
My favorite dog movie will have to be Robo-dog, its about a dog which is a scientist's invention. It looks like a normal dog but its a robot with special abilities. At the end it helps in saving the town. Its an interesting movie, you should watch it.
I rate a movie based on its ability to stir my emotions. When I cry, it means that the movie actors and actresses are effective, and that the story of the movie is good, for me to watch it until the end. Hachiko, a dog from the movie Hachi: A Dog's Tale has captured my heart. I mean who won't cry about Hachi waiting for his already dead owner, unless you are stone hearted. I am really amazed on how affectionate dogs can be with their relationship to humans. I think this is indeed a great gift from God, that we have someone who can accompany us even if we are alone.
I've always like the movie 100 Dalmatians and its sequel 101 Dalmatians. I liked how witty the dogs are in this movie. They acted just like human and helped each other. They showed good companionship as they don't let any fellow puppy be left behind.
I'm surely everybody will say Hachiko. The best dog story. The amazing about this movie is that it is from a real story. How can you think that there is a dog who will love his master so much. :)
I have few movies I like but not a favorite one. I just liked the story. One is the movie "Call of the Wild". It is about a strong dog called "Buck". It was during the time when mining was a big business. The other one is "Big Red". I like it because it reminds me of my childhood days. On cartoon movies, I like to watch with my kids are 101 dalmatians, Bolt, Eight Below, and few others that I saved on my external drive. My kids love to watch them.