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Favorite movies

I am in love with action movies. Marvel movies are to die for. Lately I have been watching the new Captain America Civil War nonstop. I am so excited for the Ninja Turtles movie to hit theatres this June 3.
One of my favorite movies is Amelie. I absolutely adore Audrey Tautou and I love the soundtrack to the Amelie movie. Amelie just warms my heart and the ending scene never fails to make me cry tears of joy. It's just so cute! I keep going back to that movie throughout the years for some reason. I hope to visit Paris someday partly because of Amelie.
My favorite movie was the Armageddon by Bruce Willis. I really love that movie because it has a great story concept with great cast of characters. I was just saddened by the ending that Bruce Willis must sacrifice his life in order to save his companions and the whole world for the future asteroid collision in the earth. I feel much pain in my heart due to that very sad ending. It has also a great moral lesson to its viewers that we should learn to sacrifice for our love ones and for other people.
My absolute favorite movie is Zombieland. I love the dumb humor it has, and of course zombies. A nice mix of horror, comedy, and a bit of romance.
Guys, be free to try watching some Almodovar's movie. I would definitely recommend Talk To Her and The Skin I Live In.

Almodovar is one of the most important filmmakers in Spanish cinematography and his movies inspired many new directors. His movies can be described as a big question mark. :D He lives lots of stuff to personal interpretations and the stories are weird but catchy. I deeply recommend his work to everyone, you won't be disappointed.