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The cliche 'favorite movies' thread. Gonna get straight to it. I really love Tarantino's stuff. It can be violent but he does it in a fun and entertaining way, I think. My favorite of his used to be Pulp Fiction but that changed to Inglorious basterds this year. IB is just a perfect medley of comedy, violence and memorable scenes. He really amps up the tension in a ton of his scenes, I love that! And Christoph Waltz is a revelation. And well I love a ton of movies. If I had to list off a recent one i'd definitely say Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rey is a total babe and she kicks butt too. And I'm fairly certain I can predict that i'll love civil war. The winter soldier was amazing and it's being done by the same crew as that one. And have you seen spidey?? Total geek-out.
My favorite movie of all time is The Hours. That movie is incredibly complex, rich, and deep. And (of course) the triple play of Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, and Julianne Moore is amazing. It's a movie I can watch again and again - each time feeling the same deep emotional impact as if it were the first time I've watched.
I love gone with the wind. There's just something about that feisty Scarlett that reminds me of myself. I can't forget to mention the handsome Rhett Butler and his devil may care attitude. A complete classic that I've loved since I was young.
101 Dalmations:) I used to watch this movie every day when I was in preschool. Another favourite is, Lost in Translation. It is funny, not too cliche and relates to my life of being in a completely new city. If you have ever travelled alone in Asia (and you don't speak the language) you will get what the movie is about. I currently live in Shanghai so it was perfect.
After all these years, I still do re-runs of Pirates of the Caribbean, it must be Jack Sparrow's wit and his somewhat 'innocent' cunning behavior that plugs me in...ah! yes! his facial expressions too! I must say am disappointed though that I have to wait another one year for the last sequel...release date May 26 2017.
I cannot count the number of movies I've watched and pinpoint with certainty which of them are my favorites. I have to say, though, that one of my most recent favorites are Breakfast at Tiffany's (Audrey Hepburn was so wonderfully delightful in this film and the dialogues moved me) and The Theory of Everything (Eddie Redmayne perfectly captured the ALS-stricken Stephen Hawking and the whole presentation was awesome).
Movies movies movies - if there's anything that I really like watching, it's intriguing movies. The kind that suck you in within the first few moments and don't really get boring. When I first watched the first Jurassic Park, that was something that hooked me. Home alone series was pretty funny. 101 dalmatians is one my favorites. Then, the Titanic, MI, and mummy movies took over my mind. After that for a long time, I don't remember a lot of great movies, although I used to watch movies almost everyday (because my job was to screen movies on campus and a lot of it involved watching movies). Then the Pirates of the Carribean series hooked me. Soon, the social network came out and it wa great. Recently, I can't think of too many great movies.
Yeah I watched Marley & Me. I am a big time Owen Wilson fan, so I watch all of his movies. I am also a Jennifer Aniston fan, though I never really liked her in movies. Maybe I have a bias towards her as Rachel.
I am in love with Marvel movies, even thought they do differ from the comics a lot. Especially Deadpool was something I went to watch in the theaters for more than just once and I don't regret my decision! Tarantino's movies are also something that I love to replay every once in a while, if I have to be honest. You always find some new things from them, some special details you've never noticed before.
I have always liked horror movies. For some reason one of my favorites have to do with cooking. Julie and Julia is on my top list of movies I'll watch over and over. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. I prefer the movie to the book strange enough, but both are great on its own. Shaun of the Dead and I am Legend are my next toppers. Cheers!
My favorite movie(s) is/are Saw 1-8. I really like Saw movies, nice horror movies with great story! I like an idea how these movies have been recorded and edited.
I'm a total anime nerd, and one of my favourite movies is Final Fantasy Advent Children. If you grew up on FFVII, you will love Advent Children, which takes place two years after FFVII. Basically, the whole plot is that Sephiroth is back, initially as three remnants of himself. Watch the original before you watch Complete though.
I have a whole list of favorite movies:
  • Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts look stunning in this movie. I can watch it over and over again.
  • Pirates of the Carribean Series: Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is not to be missed.
  • Sound of Music: It is a classic movie set in Austria during World War II.
  • Eat, Pray, Love: Again my favorite Julia Roberts in the search of love and peace.
  • Mission Impossible Series: Tom Cruise is absolutely fantastic in this series.
Gonna get straight to it. I really love Tarantino's stuff.
From Dusk Till Dawn is one of my all time favorites of Tarantino's. I actually saw it for the first time at 6 years old. My grandma had a habit of watching really violent stuff and not caring that there was an impressionable child sitting next to her.

But other than Tarantino's genius, I really love the Blade Trilogy, the first and fourth Pirates of the Caribbean, The Last Samurai, Moon Child (a Japanese film), Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Cool Runnings, and Sister Act I and II. Oh, oh, and the first Matrix movie.
My favorite movie of all time is The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky. It's about love, science, reincarnation and even the Spanish Inquisition and the quest for eternal life. It's a really serious film is all I can say I also love the Hours because of Nicole Kidman's role as Virginia Woolf I think it's her most incredible acting performance to date. Casablanca is also a classic choice due to Bogart and Bacall's romantic pairing they're like fire and ice.
My guilty pleasure movies are romcoms, the cheesier the better! My all time favourite cheesy movie was Clueless. When I'm watching movies with other people, I prefer dramas - anything which isn't scary - and fantasy. I'm looking forward to watching the Warcraft movie!
If I were to list Chinese movies, no one here would know what it is. So, I guess my favourite English movie would be The Green Mile. It is a 3 hours movie but do not let that stop you from trying it out. I am certain that once you start watching it, you will find 3 hours too little. It is a movie that touch the heart, highly recommended.
So, I guess my favourite English movie would be The Green Mile.
I love that movie, especially the character of John Coffey. I think I like the dramatic side of the story more than the slightly mystical side of things, however. It's a very touching film and definitely makes you think about the legal system and death row.