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Favorite Breed?

Out of all of the dogs that I've had through my life I think that my favorite breed is the one I have now which is a Cane Corso. The breeds I have had are Doberman, Rotty, and Cocker Spaniels. I have experience with other breeds as well through other families. My Cane Corso though is very loyal to me and very loving. She always wants to cuddle up and has to sleep with me and usually hogs the whole bed up lol. I'm not a big fan of really small dogs do to issues with one in my childhood. I find them to be yippy and bitey!
I love lurchers. Over the years we've had greyhound/wolfhound/saluki crosses of different types and without exception they've been loyal and absolutely brilliant companions. They're naturally clever - though they'll look at you as if you've taken leave of your senses if you try to teach them to do tricks - and as sighthounds are excellent rabbit catchers, but they are gentle in nature and have always lived happily with children and cats in the household.
Damn, answering this question is as hard as choosing a favourite ice cream flavour.
Well, ever since I was a kid, I've loved wolf-like dogs, so Huskies and Samoyeds are obvious choices. However, as time passed, I grew fond of other breeds, like Shibas (I'm not going to hide it, the Hachiko movie played a huge role here) and Border Collies. There's just so many of them!
I love all dogs now. All of em. It doesn't matter what breed. As long as they are canine. I don't like cats. I don't know why. People think I am heartless, but have you ever looked into a cat's eyes? You look into a dog's eyes and you see only love... Okay, maybe hunger. But, whatever it is, you can tell by looking into a canine's eyes. I love all dogs. My spaniel is the best spaniel in the whole world, although he thinks I am the best spaniel - but I haven't got the heart to tell him that we're not of the same species :p
My favourite ones are actually golden retrievers or chocolate labradors, I always had puli dogs when I was a child, but most of my friends had labradors. They are calm and kind with kids too.

I always wanted to have a choc lab, to give a best friend for my future children :)
My favorite breed of dog would have to be the Standard Poodle. We have one currently and he is very sweet and friendly. He has learned numerous tricks like roll-over, sit, fetch, and lay down. He makes a perfect family dog, and we love him very much.


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It's so hard to choose. I've had a Dalmatian, a Rottweiler, a German Shepherd, and a Malinois, and I loved all of them. I really can't think of a favorite breed. I also love Labradors. My best bud had a black Lab and he named him Axl (in honor of GnR's frontman). For a big dog, Axl was such a sweet baby. We were really saddened when he passed. It took a while before my best friend was able to have another pet.
I adore schnauzers. I had a mini schnauzer growing up named Baxter. He was the best dog in the entire world, I love him so much. He was protective and just like one of us kids. We took him everywhere with us, camping, to the park, to the lake, to family events. He was always well behaved unless you were a mailman, that dog could smell them a mile away. He would know when they were finally on our street and he would sit in the window and wait for him. Our mailman tried making peace with him by bringing him treats, he would give him a moment of peace then go back to barking. I miss him so much.
While I also prefer to get a rescue dog instead of buying a pure bred, I do love pugs and English bulldogs! They are both so chubby and oh, the rolls! The rolls on those dogs make me squeal with delight! I just want to squeeze them until they pop!
You think it would be the German Shepherd, but nope, it's the Australian Cattle Dog. They are such beautiful creatures. Those dogs just stick out from the rest. And they are intelligent! Plus they are perfect farm dogs. I want to go to a farm one day. Maybe even start a farm myself! :D
My little chihuahua has me sold on her breed. She is a wonderful companion. Very pretty and smart, knows tons of commands and seems to always know what I want. Chihuahuas are also brave and loyal. Their poop is biodegradable. lol. She always has a smile on her face and loves company.
Boxers are one of my all time favorite breeds of dogs. I love them because they are so beautiful, loving and loyal to their families. They are also quite entertaining because they are always doing something funny. My white Boxer girl Sugar keeps us smiling all the time. However, another breed that has become a favorite of mine is the Norfolk Terrier. I adopted a little male Norfolk Terrier mix from a lady who took him in as a stray back in the winter. We named him Kirby Max and he is simply a wonderful dog. He is so very loving, well behaved and loves to snuggle and get attention.
I love beagles, labs, and golden retrievers. They are all extremely smart, very loyal, and love the water. I guess they're probably my favorite breeds mostly because I have owned all three. I suppose I shy away from the tiny dogs, but I have had bad experiences with them.
I also like The husky, I think hey just look awesome. I also like dogs of similar shape as shiba inu or akita inu. Medium sizes dogs with a fair share of fur and a funny coiled tail and sharp look on their faces.
It would be hard choice between the Golden Retriever and the Husky. I really love these dogs the most because I feel they are super loyal and a good companion. I do not have a Husky (unfortunately) but I have 2 Retrievers.
I love all dogs and would like to experience many more breeds throughout my life. I'm very fond of Miniature Schnauzers. I've had one for about 12 years now. She doesn't eat much, doesn't shed, and was very easy to train. She is definitely one of the smartest sweetest dogs I've came across. I will admit I may be partial since she is my baby! I am also very fond of Boston terriers.
One of my favorite breeds is probably the German Shepherd. That's a dog I would feel safe around if trained right. If some person came into my house looking to cause trouble, they'd have a nasty surprise. German Shepherds are also very beautiful looking, and I love their coat colours.
Another favorite of mine would be the Husky. I don't know too much about their temperament, but they are very beautiful, and they have a long, gorgeous coat of fur. I could never own one where I live, though, it's much too hot. Also, they have such big, adorable paws!
I also like the Golden Retriever. They are playful and fun, and their coats are quite pretty too. Unfortunately, I've had bad experiences with them because my family is rubbish at training dogs, but I hope to one day own my own Golden Retriever.
Oh, man, it's hard to choose! Usually I like big dogs such as rottweilers, retrievers. But some small ones are nice too, my favorites are pugs and bulldogs. But when you get a dog it's important to judge not only by its looks. I had a rottweiler before and the dog needs serious training and you must be ready to provide it. And pugs for example have many sensitive issues when it comes to health.
Many people mentioned Husky here. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised they're so popular but yes, I'd name it among my favorite too.
I have a few favorites. I love Chows as I currently own one. My dad raised me and my siblings with 2 Chows and I always thought they were bears or lions lol. I also love Huskies. Who doesn't love Huskies? They are absolutely stunning! My next favorite breed is a Golden Retriever. They have the cutest puppies for sure.
The first dog my family ever owned was a Shetland Sheepdog. He was very loyal and fun to play with as a kid. I've owned two shelties since his time, and they've both been great dogs as well. All three of them were extremely intelligent, each learning several tricks and commands. They do have a lot of energy though, so I wouldn't suggest getting one if you don't have a big yard or if you're not willing to take them on multiple daily walks.