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Favorite Breed?

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I think most people have a favorite breed of dog. That one ideal canine that looks and acts like they want it to. The majestic looking husky or the cute little corgi. You guys get my drift.

Personally I actually have a few. The husky as I just mentioned, which to me just looks awesome. Like an evolved wolf, standing tall and majestic especially those with the piercing blue eyes. Awesome dogs. I also love dalmatians because they're so unique. They're seriously some beautiful looking creatures. The spots are such an awesome aesthetic. I hear they can be hard to handle though. Worth it. And lastly Great Danes. I love that they're so huge. The first time I remember seeing a great dane and thinking it looked so cool was in that Mel Gibson movie the Patriot. They looked really regal and friendly. Having a gentle giant seems like fun.

Anyway, what's some of your guys favorites?
I do have a few favorite breeds now that I think about it. One of them is the beagle. I have always loved beagles because my uncle used to raise them and they were always so well behaved and just so cute. I love their coloring too. I really like huskies as well and they are so beautiful especially with the blue eyes like you said. I do not really like real small dogs but I do have a Boston Terrier and he is great. He does not bark that much like most small dogs and that is what I do not like about them. But I love him and he has a face that only a mother could love. My other dog is a pit bull and she is such a sweet and loving thing and the kids really love her. I would have never thought that I would have a pit bull but we got her from a neighbor who was going to take her to the pound where she would probably have been killed. Great Danes are very beautiful, but I think they are way too big for me.
Growing up we had Pit Bulls and German Shepard's. Those were really good dogs. I would love to one day to be able to own a Siberian Husky. Those dogs look cool as hell. I would need to live in a colder climate as those guys would go through literal hell in my current climate. Right now I got a Pomeranian, and I hope to get a Beagle soon. Those guys are really cute.


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While I mostly prefer rescues, which means mixed breeds, I think my favorite breed I've ever had was labs. I had two of those. Despite the urgency to do everything at once, they're beautiful dogs, great with kids and elderly, and easy to care for and get along with. My last one was great with our cats, letting the then-kitten play with her tail during hurricane evacuation. She was also the strong, silent type. She never said a word unless somebody really bad was walking in front of our home or if we were gardening or hiking and a snake was near. She also protected me from a coyote unseen in the dark while on evac. Outstanding dog! I know some was her and some was her breed. My family and I have had smaller dogs. Some were quiet, like our Manchester Chihuahua. Others have been high energy, bossy toy hogs, like my Papillon or narcissistic and talkative, like another relative's Mini Maltese.
There are many different breeds of dogs, about 339 different breeds. I don't know if I have a favourite breed, as I am not that familiar with the different breeds of dogs. The ones that I am familiar with are the Doberman Pinscher, the Alsatian, the chihuahua, the bulldog, the German Shepherd and the Dalmatian. I think the Dalmatian is a beautiful dog. Both the Alsatian and the German Shepherd are nice dogs to have around since they make good guard dogs because of their big size. I would have to say that I am not really fond of the smaller breeds of dogs. They make for good pets and are suitable for children, but that's about it.
I personally like the bigger breeds such as Ovcharkas, Mastiffs, Shepherds (German or Belgian), Labrador/Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands, Huskies, Malamutes, Akitas, and Bernese mountain dogs. The problem is that I live in a tropical country and raising big dogs - given our weather conditions - can be very costly and physically taxing. Not only do you have to be solvent enough to shoulder the cost of raising any of those breeds but you need extra help in caring for them.

One of our neighbors had a Husky in the past. The next thing we knew the dog died of dehydration over the summer. He was very busy with work and didn't have enough people looking after his one and only pet. I would go for Malamutes, Retrievers and Newfies but only when I can afford to raise them though.
Long ago I thought that I like a certain breed, but over time that is not so. I don't care for what breed as long as the dog fitted with my family style and our personality. We had tried all types of dogs and it didn't work out. Right now, Capone is our mixed dog of boxer and pit bull and we couldn't be happier.

I don't think the breed is matter but I believe what we want in a dog that matters most, such as long hair, short hair, shedding or non shedding, fur color, short nose, long face, etc..
I'm a huge fan of the clumsy, larger and more playful dogs, but they still need to have a pretty high degree of intelligence for their breed or I will get frustrated with trying to teach them things. A big bernard or Husky that is just smart enough to learn and just dumb enough to lick a lemon the second time is my favorite :)
I had a friend who had a rottweiler and that dog changed my mind about that breed. It was just such a lovable, sweet, endearing dog. While it's not my favorite that's mostly due to the fact that I've always lived in small spaces where little dogs have worked with my space. I love yorkipoos most of all. There's just something so sweet and adorable about a yorkipoo.
@xTinx I had friends that had an Akita and they are beautiful dogs. A little scary at first but very sweet once you get to know them. I have also known someone who had a Mastiff and what a big teddy bear she was. Amazing how big they get. My sister used to have 3 Keeshonds and they were very nice. Her female one was a sweetheart and I loved her. I still miss her because she was such a sweetie. When my sister would leave for work, I would have to rock with her so she would not cry. Pitiful.
The Germain Sheppard is my favourite. I believe that this breed of dog possess a bit higher level of intelligence that most of the aggressive types of dogs and they wonderful around children. I am wary of breeds like the Doberman Pinscher or the pit bull. These dogs can be unpredictable and sometimes may give you an unpleasant surprise.
Until I rescued my Japanese chin, labs were my favorite. My chin is the most unique breed I've ever come across. They have a personality like that of a cat. I always loved labs because of their energy and intelligence. I'm also a huge fan of Newfoundland dogs. I love their docile temper and trainability.
I have always noticed how people's favorite breed is always the one of the type of dogs that they had when they were growing up and that makes perfect sense, you have nothing but warm and lovely memories of that, even if the dog was a little mischievous.

I love hunting dog breeds in general, like the Weimaraner, though I don't hunt and actually hate it.
There are so many dog breeds out there that sometimes it's really difficult to choose one breed. I really liked Irish wolfhounds but you really need a separate pay check to feed them and be prepared to fight for the couch, because what I have heard about them is that they are real couch potatoes.
When it comes to favorite breeds, for me it has always been German Shepherds and Huskies. I also love terriers and the Shiba Inu (native Japanese dog breed). Growing up, I had a German Shepherd named Jessie, who was a puppy when I was a baby. We did everything together. Of course, when she died, I was heartbroken. So it's always been on my mind to get another German Shepherd. That said, since I live in Tokyo, Japan, big guard dogs are not really that welcome in society yet. Rather, everything is minuscule. Being here though, I've fallen in love with the native dog breeds and how quirky they are.


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My second dog was a black American Cocker Spaniel. She was amazing! So friendly and playful. And boy could she snore! She later developed hip dysplasia, which I'm told is common for purebreds. That's one reason I don't do purebreds anymore. But that cocker so impressed my mom hat she and my sister later adopted a buff Princess Cocker. Sadly, that breed was created to protect princesses, so it didn't socialize as well as we would have liked outside a limited circle. But in her little circle, she was loving, playful and loved to travel. She would also bark an alert when my mom deviated from an established traffic route between her house and my sister's or the grooming parlor or vet's office. High maintenance with their long coat and floppy ears, but still a noble, gentle and beautiful breed, cocker spaniels.
@xTinx I had friends that had an Akita and they are beautiful dogs. A little scary at first but very sweet once you get to know them. I have also known someone who had a Mastiff and what a big teddy bear she was. Amazing how big they get. My sister used to have 3 Keeshonds and they were very nice. Her female one was a sweetheart and I loved her. I still miss her because she was such a sweetie. When my sister would leave for work, I would have to rock with her so she would not cry. Pitiful.
Oh, yes, I love Akita Inus. They're really loyal, very perceptive dogs (the original breed that is). I remember Hachiko, the Akida dog that continued to wait for his master by the train station even though the master had long since died. That's very sweet of you to take care of your sister's dog whenever she's away. My only worry with big dogs is that they have a shorter life span compared to smaller breeds. Their weight often takes a toll on their bodies. Hopefully, with proper care, we can outwit biology.
We already have my favorite breed of dog. I love shitzu's. They are such loving hyper dogs. Our peachy has never hurt a soul and has always been sweet to me. When she was a puppy she would sleep at my feet and even til today she has the habit of falling asleep on my feet or sandals. But there are other breeds that intrigue me.
My favourite breed will always be a Samoyed

They just always look so happy! I love them! These guys are so sweet. I had a little girl after I left university. Sweet girl. Broke my heart when I couldnt keep her in my current apartment. Now she enjoys getting grass stains and chasing butterflies with my parents on their farm with several other dogs.
The one breed that made me love dogs was actually a Poodle, I didn't liked it at first because it looked kinda dumb to me, I am a pretty tall guy and taking him out for a walk was embarrassing, the I realized he was just like me, pretty much like having a pet with the personality you want - that dog was his own man. To these day i haven't had another Poodle but its still my favorite.