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Dogs you love but have known health problems?

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Are there breeds of dogs that you like but because they have a known history of health problems, you would avoid buying or adopting them? I personally love Dalmatians, have since 101 Dalmations. But they have a high chance of being born deaf and skin problems. So despite their beauty and loyalty, I can't bring myself to do it.

Do you have a dog breed you love but don't have for health reasons?
I'd love to have a Husky or a Malamute but I live in a humid environment and it would be really torturous for these animals to live with me in the summer.

Another breed I had my eye on was Welsh Corgis, but they develop back problems and can easily become obese if their diet is not closely regulated. That can make training with treats really hard.
Most Dogs that are Pure bred have numerous helath issue. The Pug Due to its short neck has Breathing Problems. Boxers tend to have a lot of problems, cancer being one of them. Most Dogs have Hip displacement at an older Age. It is highly recommended to train and exercise you Dog. Good Luck.
I agree with the Dalmation, so cute and a very loyal breed of dog but apparently a lot of problems and don't live very long. I've known a couple of people with pugs who have warned me of their breathing problems. I've never heard of Boxers having a lot of problems but now that @Sharath S has mentioned it, I know a few people who'd had Boxers and all of them that passed away had cancer.