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Dogs are family

Dogs are family they're like babies we have to take care of them, take them to the vet when they're sick, play with them, buy them toys and do everything we can for them to stay healthy. It's like parenting to be honest. Dogs make people happy they help with depression. They're just adorable.


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Yup, my dog Odie is not just a dog for us. He is one of the member of our family. He brings smile to us. When we are so busy in our gadgets, he always there just to remind us that "hey, you should talk to each others.
Our country has mix idea about a dog being part of the family. Some consider dogs as pet. Some think they are a member of the family. Some think they are just dogs. Some even kill them for their meat. Some would train them for a dog fight. Some consider them as a bodyguard, house guard dog, protector. Our country is really a mixture of many things, culture, philosophy, religion, etc. For me, My family treats our dog as part of the family, guard and protector of the house.
Indeed, Dogs are not only pets but they are family. They like humans, they understand what we are teaching to them. They know when we have a bad day,.They want a cuddle session, which is very sweet.
I totally agree, our dogs have been a part of our family ever since....even when i'm just a kid, our dogs had been my companion and a great playmate. The love and joy from a dog just by starring at you is inexplicable:). The unconditional love they have for me and family cannot be matched. The only thing we can do is give them the love they so deserve :).
Everydog should have a nice home and a family <3 They deserved love because dogs are truly loyal in all of us humans. They treat us as a Family. We should do the same :)
Dogs have feelings too. They are a part of the family who take care and comfort those who needed it. They are one of the very special animals that were created.
Truly a dog is man's bestfriend but for me my pet dog which is shitzu in breed is more than that. Jaja is already a part of our family. Everyday we feed our pet give her dog food and water as well as we are taking her for a bath using her very own shampoo. Jaja is so very sweet. She knows how to follow rules. Whenever she needs to poop nor wee, she will just only stay on one corner. She is also very friendly too to our visitor. Because whenever we have guest on our home, she will just only stay on her basket. When I don't have my eldest son yet, I bought for him her very own mini bed but she doesn't want to sleep there only she stay on her pink basket. I love her so very much and I enjoy being with her. Whenever we are going home even if we are still far from the gate of our home, she could hardly feel that we are coming and that's the only time she'll make noise.
dogs is a mans bestfriend
Yes, they truly are. Though they aren't talking to give you advises whenever you are opening up to them your problems, still they can comfort you on their very own ways. They will give you comfort and love, will pamper you so that the burden you have will be lessen and most importantly they will never leave you.


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I totally agree that dogs are family and they are not just pets. Dogs give us pure happiness and unconditional love. They make us laugh, giggle and smile. They are loyal and a good companion. They can be a sister, brother, best friend, daughter, son or the baby in the family. I just remembered my sister and her husband. After getting married, they got a dog and the dog was their baby. After a year, they had a son and the dog became their son's playmate, best friend and seems like his brother. Now, my nephew is four years old and you would see him always playing with the dog. Just like any member of the family, dogs are capable of loving and capable of feeling love.
My grandma used to have that dog that looks quite cute and I must say that the dog was always there following my grandma anywhere she goes. I mean that it was really good to see such for not all animals will d such as long as I am concerned. So, dogs are really family to us.

People will even joke that the dog is a bod guard to grandma, but the reality of the matter is that it shows the kind of connection and understanding that exist between the dog and my grandma.
When I see something cute that my dog will like, I usually throw it right in the shopping cart. But, I wouldn’t say she’s spoiled, more like just well taken care of. You’d do the same things for your kids, right? Even if it’s just something small and inexpensive, you like to brighten your dog’s day when they know you were thinking of them.
When you decide to get a dog, you know that you decided to get a new family member. Dogs are loyal, loving and smart, and they easily become our best friends. I don't even use "it" when I am talking about my dog, I use "he", because He is my bestfriend, my sidekick, he is always there when I am sad and sometimes I even find myself talking to him about my deepest thoughts.
Pets, in general, have often been considered as part of the family, but dogs are the most playful of all of them and are the most well-behaved pets when taken out for a walk, which adds to them being more considered as family. There's a reason they are called man's best friend.
yes, dogs is part of our family. Thiey give us happiness and joy whenever we will see them. They will always welcomed you when you will go home. They are our playmate who never gets tired on playing on us. Dogs is the only friend and family that will not judge you and hurt your feelings. We must love our dog as much as you love yourself.