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Hello, everyone! Joining this forum because I want to meet dog lovers from all over the world! I have a dog, a Lhasa Apso breed, and he's the sweetest! He loves to sleep and play! What's unique about him is that he never asks for food. He patiently waits to be given food. :) we thought him a few tricks, like sitting down and lying down. He was quick to learn it. You just really need patience. Give him a treat after every command he obeys! Also, give them all the love you can give because they love us so much and they deserve to be loved in return. Let me know about your dogs! :)
Hello! II am having a new dog since january, a Flat Coated Retriever the black one called Šaja :) Before that i was having exactly the same dog Flat Coated Retriever for 12 years called Tim. The new dog and the old one don't have but really i mean they don't have any differences. The look i mean the size and everything is just the same and the personality is also the same. Both the Tim were and the Šaja is so energic and playful. they listen to the owner so carefully and i really love both of them. The only difference i saw is that the new dog is a little bit afraid of people that she hasn't met yet. I don't really know what is the problem but after 5 minutes everything is okey and she isn't affraid anymore.
Hello there! it's nice to meet a fellow dog lover in this forum, I too have a dog and I am currently taking care of my four dogs. I like big dog, I don't know why but I find big dogs interesting to take care. I don't treat my dog as a pet, instead I treat them as part of my family. All of them were very good companions. The most active one is my German Shepherd she a female, even though she's the oldest amongst the four, she still move like she was still young. The most hard headed dogs I have are my two cute long haired Dachshund, every time when I bring them out for a walk they will play all day and they will get mad if I bring them back home. And lastly the most serious one is my Rottweiler, he loves to eat then sleep and he don't want to be bothered and he often get a fight with my Dachshunds.
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Hey guys! It's great to hear about your dogs! Don't we just love having them around? Some dogs may seem shy or hesitant at first, but I think it's because they are just trying to see if everything is safe. My dog is like that. When we have guests coming to our home, he isn't that lively around them at first, but eventually he'll ease up. You just have to pet him and reassure him that he is safe.

I love big dogs as well! We used to have a Huskie, and he's the sweetest! Though he's in dog heaven now. Miss him everyday. We should always give our dogs all the love everyday! :)
If you are a dog lover like me there are so many things you know to be really true about them. You can be a dog lover and have your dog respect you but also show more love and leadership to your dog and treat it like a family member. As far as my dogs are such a huge and important part of my life, I can say someone out there wouldn't like me very much because I talk much about my dogs. As a dog lover you may experience such things along the way. Not only do our dogs seem to love us back, but they however see us as their family too. So cute isn't it.
I'm just a new dog owner and I need to know some of the tips for my puppy, I hope someone here could help me thank you in advance,