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Dog hates trimming the nails

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One of our dogs is Pipoy, a 3-year old hyperactive pug. He would run around and around the house until he runs out of breath. To protect him from exhaustion, we put him in a cage and he's been there for 3 years now.

One problem with Pipoy is his long nails. He abhors the nail trimmer and just seeing that I am holding the nail trimmer, he would go berserk and would bite. This morning we noticed that he couldn't use his left front paw and obviously due to the very long toenails. I am still thinking of a way on how to cut those nails.
My dog doesn't like his nail trimmed either! He does ok during the summer, but during the winter since snow covered everywhere, his nails got very long.

I had my son held him with a treat while I clip one to two nails at a time. Usually, I can get one side done, and gave him a break until the next day.

You can have you husband holds him, and try to cut one nail at a time. If your dog is used to being touched, I don't think it would be a problem.

Since you said you had him in the kennel, maybe you could let him out to run on the concrete, it does grind down the nails a little. He will tear those long nails and hurts himself if they are not trimmed down.
Dogs and cats are usually trouble when it comes to trimming nails. I care for a lot of animals and usually just petting or romping around I'll handle the nails or that area a lot. It gets them used to you gently squeezing the paw. Especially cats, not just dogs. I've cared for a Samoyed in my university days that loved me playing with her paws. She would High-five me too. She didn't mind me trimming her nails, but she tolerated no one else.
What worries me when trimming my dogs' nails is that he likes to squirm around a lot, no matter how much you try and calm him down.

He's pretty young so that might be why, too hyperactive haha. But I always get scared I'm going to slip and clip their paws.
I have no problem holding my dogs when they need their nails trimmed, but all of them are nightmares when it comes to keeping their legs still. The vet does it so easily and has even taught me how she tends to do it, but I just can't keep them from yanking their paws away. It worries me because I'm always afraid I'll be in mid-snip and then the dog will yank and cause me to tear the nail. It takes two of us to just barely manage to pull it off for my two black labs, who are both strong little pups. We generally don't have to clip the nails on my border collie since she digs and runs through dirt so much.

We bought one of those 'pet-icure' things a few years ago, the ones that file the dog's nails, whoo boy that was a mistake. If the sound doesn't immediately freak them out, grabbing their paw and trying to put it near the weird sounding scary stick definitely will. It's currently rotting in the cabinet.
I have never trimmed my dogs nails. If they are getting to long, you don't walk your dog enough. Try alternating between walking them on cement, gravel, and dirt pathways that aren't always flat surfaces. If you force your dog to work on rough terrain so they have to use their nails. The nails will naturally wear down to a reasonable length.
I get it done at my Vet every single time. The only thing I do is Groom and I never try to Cut its nails. Not that I am afraid he would bite, but cutting his nails makes me feel that I am going to hurt him. About the Dogs nails, If you don't cut his nails before they get too big, veins will grow inside his nails making the process a lot more Painful and susceptible to various Infections. Get your Dog the Vet as soon as possible to increase this Chance. Good Luck.
I have had a lot of experience with this. You may have to do some nails and come back for the others later. Try at different times and different ways. Unless its going well then continue. When your dog is sleeping sometimes its easy to sneak up and trim a few nails. If you are gentle they may not even wake up at all. Something else that helps is treats and sweet talk. Remember to be kind to your dog repeating,"good dog". This helps calm them so they know everything is OK. The treats are a reward for them allowing you to do this. Letting the nails grow out can cause problems and pain for your dog. When dogs run around their nails naturally file themselves a little. Maybe you should ask the vet if she can get some exercise without over exhausting herself. If you accidentally cut the nail too short clear nail polish is supposed to stop the bleeding. If its bad you would want to see a vet. It helps to practice with your dog anytime you can. If she is sitting with you rub her feet. The more you rub her feet the less she will notice when you touch her foot.
I have to be very strict with my dogs when it comes to nail trimming. They absolutely hate it. How I counter this is, I do it with treats. I sway their minds from the trimming of their nails by rewarding them for no reason. While they are waiting on the next treat, I'm chipping away at their paws.
My dog also hates to have her nails trimmed and I really have to fuss at her while we are doing it. I used to always give her a chew stick after we got through, but she has lost interest in that. She is the sweetest little dog in the world but when it comes to nail trimming, she will bite me, albeit gently.
I am fortunate in the fact that I don't have to clip my dogs nails. Since they spend most of their time outside they wear down their nails. I have never cut them but they are always short. Even the thumb nail is short, which can sometimes be a problem with certain dogs.


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I started a ritual with my dog when it comes to any kind of grooming, whether it be brushing hair or teeth, or trimming nails. After every session, we give her a treat and then go out in the yard and play for awhile. She had the same apprehension around nail trimming, but with this ritual she associates it with playtime now!