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Dog food vs human food

I've always shied away from feeding my puppies human food. One of my dogs has some stomach issues which are typically exacerbated when she manages to steal something off the table when I'm not watching, so the only human food I'm willing to share with her are small pieces of bread or unseasoned meat.

I'm sure dogs with stronger constitution don't have any issues with eating human food, but, as with most things, you really have to consider this issue on a case by case basis.
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Time have changed a lot. I recall being a kid and all the dogs were fed leftovers or food prepared for them, but not so different from ours. These days they do eat specialized food. What is better is surely the last, but our own food is not so bad to them either.
As my dad always said, everything in moderation, even moderation itself. My dog once leaped up onto the center island and ate half a pizza before we caught him. And guess what! Nothing happened other than a little gas. Now, I think that nightly pizza would obviously be terrible, but I guess what I'm trying to get at is how this one circumstance didn't ruin everything from a diet perspective.
Because dogs are meant to be carnivores while humans are omnivores I don't agree that they can or should eat exactly what we eat. In my family, we would never deliberately cook extra portions for our pets. The closest I think we have done is give scraps of meat fat because no one in the family will eat it. And that is rare because we typically get the fat removed before we but it. We only feed our pets meat but never potatoes and vegetables. They wouldn't eat it anyways, so we would just have to clean if off the floor. So as a general rule we don't feed our pets with our food because they'll start begging and probably shouldn't eat our food anyways.
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Begging is a side effect of giving them our own food that is a fact. They need to realize they have their own space and time to eat and that is not the same as ours. That rule has to be clear to avoid making a mess, especially when we have kids who love to feed them... :)
I don't give human food to a dog or any pet for that matter. Some things that we eat just can't be digested quite well enough for our little furry friends. With that said, I did have a cat who ate human food. She never had any problems but she was a fussy one. She would eat ice cream but had to be vanilla, chips, but they had to be plain and a certain brand. My parents had a dog and the first time they gave him a "little treat" from the table he was sick all over the kitchen. They never did that again. I'd say keep some of his/her favorite treats on hand but don't overdo it on those either.
Most Dog breeds can eat almost anything, even bones, you don't need to spend more money into special dog kibble. We only are careful with giving out hard bones to our pinscher breeds, but for the bigger dogs such as our Boxer, regular dog kibble mixed with anything for leftovers generally suffices.
Well, I never saw anything wrong in dogs eating human food (unless they have some stomach or health problems obviously). My dog always had his own dog food. However he got treats and leftovers of our food on daily basis. And never had any problems. There were some things he didn't eat at all, others he loved. So, I would say it's up for the dog and you just need to observe and see its reactions.
Bе Cаrеful Whаt Yоu Fееd Yоur Dоg
Nоt аll dоgs аrе аlikе.

Just bеcаusе sоmеоnе еlsе’s dоg didn’t hаvе аn аdvеrsе rеаctiоn tо а pаrticulаr humаn fооd dоеsn’t mеаn thаt yоur pеt will bеhаvе thе sаmе wаy. Yоur dоg cоuld rеаct diffеrеntly tо thе tаstе оf thе fооd, оr hе cоuld еvеn hаvе аn аllеrgy tо оnе оr mоrе оf its ingrеdiеnts.
Yes, we have that experience with our pug. We have been feeding our dog with human food but not the leftover. We buy quality meat and fish for them to be boiled or roasted or fried. That is their food regimen. But 2 years ago, Pipoy had a swollen face presumably due to allergy. The vet suspected that it is chicken. So we banned chicken for Pipoy's diet.

However, after some months, we tried again and it looks again. That was last year and last month, Pipoy developed rashes, so many red marks on his tummy. After the examination, the vet suspected chicken again. For the second time, chicken is banned for Pipoy's menu. But our 2 other dogs are okay with chicken.
You could potentially only feed dogs "human food" (fruits, veggies, protein). The issue is mainly money and time though. It is much cheaper to just buy a bag of dog food that has a lot of the nutrients in those foods. Some people have to do this though because their dogs have sensitive stomachs. I don't envy them. It has to be a lot of work to prepare every meal for your dog.
I believe they can eat what we eat yes, but I don't practice it often. If I have leftovers then yeah sure, why not? But dogs also need specific nutrients for to the remain healthy and in best conditions and dog food is specialized for that. So, while I may give them 'human' food from time to time, I make sure to feed them properly.
My family never feed our dogs human food. We had a wonderful vet back home in Macon, who said to only give them a certain brand of dog food because not all dog food is good for them. I have seen dogs get very sick from human food. My husband grandmother dog died not to long ago from eating human food all day every day.


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Health reasons aside I don't give my dog human food because they will start to cry for it after and I hate it when dogs beg for food. My aunt gives her dog human food and it drives me crazy when we are eating and the dog is sitting their whining for food.
Well, on my house all the dogs eat dog food but I have to admit that sometimes my dad (and actually all my family) gives them human food, leftovers mostly. It's been about seven years since we started to doing it and we haven't had any problems with it. But also, when I'm not really sure if that food can be bad for them I just google it to make sure of that.
But, when it comes to me, I don't really have a problem with giving them human food.
I do give my dogs human food from time to time, mostly steak, porkchops or chicken as a little treat. I wouldn't be against feeding my dogs only human food, that's what my parents do and their dogs don't have any problems.
That being said, it's less time-consuming to buy a sack full of dog food instead of preparing extra meals whenever you make food.
Dog food was meant for dogs, but we spoil our Beagle Petey and sometimes he gets special human food treats. However, there is a whole list of things that you should never feed a dog. Some of these things were mentioned by other posters, but from the expert vet advice that I have been given:
  • Alcohol. ...
  • Avocado. ...
  • Chocolate, Coffee and Caffeine. ...
  • Citrus. ...
  • Coconut and Coconut Oil. ...
  • Grapes and Raisins. ...
  • Macadamia Nuts. ...
  • Milk and Dairy.
  • Nuts
  • Garlic, Onion, Chives
  • Raw undercooked meat, bones, eggs
  • Salt and Salty snack food
  • Xylitol (sweetener)
  • Yeast Dough
My mother in-law used to own a little dog that she would feed pretty much anything from her dining room table. I was visiting her one day and noticed a big glob of ice cream on her kitchen floor. I saw that mom was eating ice cream, so I figured she accidentally dropped some from her spoon. (She's disabled and can't clean up messes) So, I cleaned it up and turned around just in time to see her purposely dump a spoonful of ice cream on the floor again. She was doing it to feed the dog, who was at that moment, more interested elsewhere and was unaware of the treat. I was concerned that the dog would grow fat and unhealthy on such treats, but since the dog was hers I had little that I could say at the time. She also fed her dog omelets with jelly on them... yeah, as in peanut butter and jelly. That poor dog had the weirdest diet until my husband's brother took her in and started feeding her properly. She lost weight and had much more energy after that. I personally never fed a dog from the table, but our dog would gladly eat a few table scraps from time to time. We never fed him sweets however, or jelly, though a glob of peanut butter from time to time was a welcome treat for him.
We can give our dog portion of what we eat but just in moderation and also not left over. Some of the food of humans are harmful to the health of the dog like the chocolate which in human if consume is just ok but for dogs its poisonous, and seed of fruits that can stuck in stomach and give complication to our beloved dog. I always prepare to give the dog with dog food because its not just safe but it also give our dog right nutrition making it healthy.
I think as much as possible if we have the money we should provide our dogs with their own dog food since dogs are different form humans. There maybe some instance that a certain food that we eat is not applicable for dogs that might resulted from any diseases or adverse effect from them. It is also to give them proper care and assurance of safety and good health.


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I think it's okay to feed dogs human foods. Before, most people, including us, do not buy dog foods for their pets. They just feed their dogs with whatever they're having and it worked well. Maybe just be careful not to give it with food having too much flavorings and be aware of those harmful to them such as chocolates.