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Does having a dog make a difference in your life?


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Absolutely! My partner works third shift, and so it's wonderful to have company at night. It also gives me a sense of security because she'll alert me to things that I never would've even heard!
I feel like it did for me. Personally with going to work and school it can be stressful at times and having my two dogs around brings me so much joy. There very loving, a good listener, feels like an extra family member hahaa, and always full of energy. I remember many years ago when I was first thinking about getting dogs I was hesitant because of the extra responsibility, however I am so glad I made the choice!!!
Getting my dog had a very good impact in my life till date. At first, it seemed to be huge responsibility having to take care of myself, siblings, parents and the dog as well. Although my parents aren't living with me, I still do cater for them. But living with my dog gave me a sense of attachment and company that I'm not I would be able to stay alone in the house anymore without him being in it. He is so good in making me feel happy and grateful for having him and I have never regretted ever getting him. If opportunity comes up again to buy him, I would definitely do so a million times.


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Yes, it's a constant companion for me. I mean, I can't be around my girlfriend all the time - and I don't I don't think I would want to :rolleyes: - no offense.

However, though, you got to realize this is an indoor dog. The bonds are very strong. When I wake up, he's on the floor next to me.
I can't say it for a lot of people but for me, yes. Yes, having a dog made a big difference in my life. My dogs literally saved me from giving up my life when things gets worst. They have been my happy pill. They have been there for me more than any person in my life ever have. They give me much comfort. I feel like nothing else would matter if it weren't for my dogs. They continue being the ray of sunshine in my life. I don't think dog's are man's bestfriend. I think that dogs are more of a family.
Yes definitely since I feel much joy whenever I have the dogs in our house. Whenever I feel stress in my work but when I just saw a dog it suddenly makes happy in an instant. Dogs for me are one of my stress reliever and supplier of joy since they are very cool and amazing. It really made a difference in my life. I can't really imagine our house without a dog it would be to lonely I guess.
yes it gives me a lot of difference..I remembered when i was alone in my house i feel im alone.when my friend give me a dog it feels that your home is filled with joy and happiness because sometimes my dog act like a crazy dog and it give me happiness..dog are best companion in your life.:)
Yes, it totally mafe a big difference in my life. It is good to have a companion everytime you are alone in the house. It is like someone is guarding you and you are also guarding your pet. Dogs are nore than just pets. They become an added member of your family.


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Yes, of course. Just like a human child, dogs/puppies bring joy to homes. Whenever I am lonely, I just play with my dog to release my stress. And I rather tell my problems to him because he is my bestfriend, and I know that my secrets are safe with him because he can not talk. Haha.
I think yes it does...A dog is one of the most adorable pet I came across...After you start taking care of him which will the be closest person in the world for you. It actually becomes one of the people in your family. Having someone close to us or simply be for you is one of the best feels which we all would like to cherish. He will keep you in a comfort zone rather than you providing him a comfort zone.
I've rarely been without a dog in my life. After my last two died at the ages of 15 and 16 years I was so distraught I said I would never have another, but before long I found myself browsing the rescue sites and I now have the two featured in my profile pic.

For all the mess they make a home is not a home without a dog. They make my life complete.
It did for me a lot. Whenever I'm alone there is someone that be with me all the time as long as I'm home. They take away my stress just being there. And that is a big change in my life.
Yes, definitely. Before, when you did not have a dog in your house, your life was boring or at least just satisfactory, I assume. But when a dog comes into your life, your life will be noisier, a little messed up (in a good way) and happier because a new member of your family will add more colors into your life.
Knowing that you have a good new friend, who will secure your house, who's going to wait for you until you got home and who is going to jump on you out of excitement when he meets you is the best feeling for me.
Yes, it does. Here in the Philippines having a dog is a common occurrence and having cats aren't. What makes having dogs here special is because they can be potential money makers. A lot of people here make a living by making their male dog breed female dogs, or selling puppies produced by female dogs. Our dog Candy actually gave birth to 2 litters, with the first litter having 7 puppies and the second litter having 9 puppies. After we fed, nursed them, got their name licensed, and have all the needed vaccinations and medicines we sold most of them and that money got us through a really bad year. So yeah, having dogs made a huge difference in our family's lives.
Yes, probably! They make difference in my life, and not just that, but they got impact to me.

Whenever I feel sad, I just go to them and I already feel good.

That's a difference.

Whenever I feel alone, I just play or cuddle with my dogs, and I feel full and enough.

That's a difference.

Whenever I feel worthless, I could just look at them, straight on their eyes, then I already feel relieved.

That's a difference.

Though, they don't say a thing, I know they cannot JUST make a difference in each and everyone's lives. They are magical. They are gifts that we should treasure and be grateful for.
Yes, Morgan, it was dog name, He really makes difference in my life because my day is not complete if we are not playing and bonding especially in the morning. He is really the mans best friend.


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Huge difference. I can't picture my life without them. They are part of family, my bestfriends and our bundle of joy. All of us in the family are adults, who loves to debate that sometimes turns into a non stop discussions that leads to fighting but ever since we adopted our first dog our life becomes more lighter, happier and livelier. There are no dull moments and we just love to spend time with them playing and appreciates life even more. We learned to managed everyone's differences since we all have a common denominator with us, We all love our dogs.
Of course it does! Having dogs is what I think the best thing that happened to my life. I really love my dogs. They are so playful, cute and loyal. We now have 4 dogs and I love all of them.
After Johny died, we did not have another dog for many years. Johny was taken away by a Tiger. (We live on a farm and Tigers are threats in our community). We were in a shock for a long time. When we did not have a dog, we understand what Johny meant for us. Then after 5 years, we bought another dog. We called him Lovely, sadly Lovely also did not live long. He died of internal bleeding.