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Does having a dog make a difference in your life?

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I feel like it did for me. Personally with going to work and school it can be stressful at times and having my two dogs around brings me so much joy. There very loving, a good listener, feels like an extra family member hahaa, and always full of energy. I remember many years ago when I was first thinking about getting dogs I was hesitant because of the extra responsibility, however I am so glad I made the choice!!!
Dogs. much like cats, offer comfort and relief to tired and weary pet owners. They're actually great sources of comfort and joy. Had my family and I not kept any pet at home, we would have been more stressed than we already are. Things feel better because our dogs and cats keep us on our toes all the time. They also make us laugh with their antics.
Yes, dogs made a big difference in my life. We had our first dog in 1996, a female mixed breed that we named Jedi. That started my romance with dogs. Now I realize that I have learned how to be compassionate because my dog taught me to be kind not only to animals but also to humans. But best of all, dogs are my stress relievers so I feel relaxed when I reach home just to see the dogs welcoming me with their barks and wagging tails.
Animals in general have made a difference in my life. Some of my happiest memories have nothing to do with human interaction but with my or someone else's pets. For the longest time, my only friend was the German Shepherd my parents have bought around the same time I came into this world. We grew up together. Coming home after a long day at school and, later, work to see the cats and other furry family members awaiting my return was sometimes the only thing that got me by. Animals have been a source of comfort and friendship when people weren't.
Yes, yes, yes. Living with any living thing that wants your love and attention makes a difference. I love dogs much more than cats but that doesn't mean they don't love their owners any differently. Animals are good at instinctually letting you know how they feel unlike humans who could be dishonest. LOL.


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Absolutely, yes. I can't imagine my life without having the dogs and cats. Sure, the house would be cleaner and I'd have a lot more money, but the house would also be a sad, empty space without them. They're family, and they make our lives happier and richer every single day.


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I don't know if it changes your personality (maybe only makes you more social), but it's certain that dogs relieve stress and make you happy, which is a step in the right direction!
Well I would think that the resounding answer is yes, but I also like how others are debating whether it changes your personality. I think that the answer to that is yes as well, though, although it may not be as unanimous as the former. I know that my dogs have gotten me through some rough times, and just by being there I think change me personally as well make my situation better.
I think the biggest difference it has made for me is that I now have no choice about getting out of bed on non-work days or going for walks. Those things must be done because the dog needs me to do them and having someone/thing else to care for keeps me focused. It's good for me to get out of bed, to get some exercise and sunshine. Especially in the winter, when I struggle with seasonal depression, having that motivation is priceless.


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Having a dog has definitely had a positive effect in my life. Not only do they provide a bit of company and comfort but they are also fun and friendly. It also gets me out of the house to take them for walks and get some fresh air and having a dog also seems to encourage starting up conversations with others in the street, so I also get to meet new people.
I think that anyone willing to have children should have previously been a dog owner. Dogs provides loyalty and tons of love without much demand. Thus the affective connections they make with a human are similar to share your life with a child. So yeah, taking good care of a dog means that you can become a great parent.
Having a pet changes your life because you no longer can focus solely on what you want to do. You have to walk your dog and play to ensure they're happy. Cats need another type of attention that is based on giving them attention when they decide and knowing when to back off. It teaches not only responsibility but how to put something else before your first impulse desire. I think having a pet makes you better as a person in the long run.
My dog is truly my bestfriend. When I was pregnant he was super protective of me even to my own husband. Once I had my son, he guarded his crib like a knight. He really thinks my son is his baby brother. I would say Carter look at your baby brother and he would wag his tail so fast. Now he plays with my son all the time and usually he doesn't like kids because they try to pull his fluffy tail. He let my son have his way with him. He brings so much joy into our lives.
Having a dog makes everyone in my household happier. There is nothing like coming home from work to a dog that is beyond excited to see you. Having a dog also has the added benefit of making me more active as we are always looking for new parks and trails to walk him in.
My dog is the source of unending joy. Playing with him takes my stress away. He is the first one to greet me when I return home from work. His unconditional love brightens my day.
Yes, of course they do most of the time they bring me great joy, sometimes they do bring me stress. I think they only bring me stress is because I work at home and one of them is still young and tries to get into things he is not suppose to. Most of the time however I feel like they are a big part of bringing joy to my life!
I am single and I do not feel so alone. I currently have a Bichon. I talk to him and take him in my car when the weather isn't too hot. He loves to ride! And it is nice to come home and have someone to welcome me.
Well yes. My dogs have made my life more enjoyable. Even when no one will listen to my problems, I know they will. The can cause inconvenience at times but overall, my life has been better.
100% - it makes a huge difference to my life, and to the rest of my family members lives too!

I think the biggest thing is that we always get out as a family and walk every single evening. We enjoy taking Banjo for a walk, but the positive we get out of it is that it is simple family time - no electronic distractions, nothing but peace and quiet and time to chat. It's a wonderful thing for our relationship to be able to talk about our day while we are out walking our pup!

It's also been great for our child. Getting to see her interact with our dog, and how patient, loving and caring she has learned to be is very sweet.
Our dog has been such a joy! She is 15 now and I hope she lives a lot longer. She is still very spry. She's been a comfort and a blessing. A great dog!