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Do you pay someone to do it?

I've never took my dog to any professional groomers. One of the reason is that he definitely wouldn't behave there. And the other is simply the fact that I think I can do all needed procedures by myself. Maybe I didn't do much but it all seemed fine and the dog was happy I guess.
I brush my dog daily but I also pay for regular groomer visits. Typically he goes to the groomer ever 6 weeks but depending on his fur length, it might be as frequently as weekly or as far spaced as 8 weeks. I can give him a quick brush out without trouble. I can even confidently trim nails on most dogs, including him.

The main reason he goes to the groomer though is that because he doesn't shed (he's a poodle mix) so his hair needs to be cut regularly. I haven't yet seen it stop growing and it's been 6 inches long a couple of times. That's too much work. For a good haircut, he gets a bath and then is blow dried by hand to stretch his hair straight (otherwise it dries curly). It's a labor intensive process that takes a fairly long time. I don't have the skills or the desire to mess with it. I spend more on the dog groomer than at the salon for myself and he goes more often.
Our pup gets groomed every 2 months or so. It's a bit pricey, but necessary because his type of hair would be way too difficult for us to trim on our own. We bathe him in between grooms though because he gets into a lot of stuff outside. Overall it works out nicely for us. To each their own though.
I do not think that I could bring myself to pay for something like that. Perhaps it is just me being cheap, but it would certainly not be the first time that that was the case. Now that I think about though, I do kind of agree with @RavenStar and I am not sure that they would be able to behave themselves at a more professional place. I'll just stick to doing it myself.
No, I did not pay someone to groom my dog and I am not going to do it ever. For me, I see this activity as bonding. It will help to boost relationship with your dog. So if you pay someone else to do it for you, then there is really no point. I can understand some people are busy with their work and do not have time to commit to this activity. In that case, I think the person should not own a dog in the first place. At the end of the day, I believe dogs need much love and care, not just a place to stay or food to eat.
I have never done this. It seems like a waste of money unless you're that rich. It doesn't take long to groom my dogs and I am not overly busy so I don't mind doing it myself. If you can afford to get it done professionally, I see no problems there.
As you can tell from my picture, my dog doesn't need a full grooming as he's short haired. I brush him and he takes baths, and that's about all he needs. If I was to have a dog which needed grooming, I have a friend with her own grooming business who does an amazing job with dogs she grooms, so I know I would use her.


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I don't get my dog groomed, I brush her myself and give her baths when she needs one. The only thing I get done by professionals is her nail clippings because her nails are dark and its hard to see the quick.
I never have paid someone to groom my dogs. I do it myself everytime. Is not that mutts really need anything but a good soap bath and plenty of water.
My family is rather cheap, so we always did the washing and grooming ourselves. My parents were always too lazy to clip nails, but they did sometimes. It's really not that hard to get the dog outside to get hosed down, lathered with soap, and then rinsed off. The only downside was that our dogs would always try to run off to roll in the mud. My grandmother, on the other hand, always took her dog to the groomer's and I kinda wish my family would have too. It would have saved us a lot of muddy dogs haha.
I like the bonding experience when I groom my pets. Maybe on special occasions I would let a groomer do it, for example, if it's their birthday or something, but in general, I wouldn't pay someone else to do it, because it's a bonding moment for me and my pets. I guess I like giving them attention, and they also like getting it, so it's a win-win for everyone, am I right?
We bathe our dog ourselves, but he is a short-haired Beagle. However, my dad does take him to get his nails clipped because he is scared that he may cut him. I definitely think that grooming is a preference, but I think that some breeds are certainly harder than others to care for by an amateur, particularly ones with longer or curly hair! Grooming can be expensive though, but there are tons of groomers in my area, so there's a lot a competition. If you look around, you can definitely find deals, coupons, and specials, particularly with groomers that are just starting their businesses and trying to build up regular clientele.
I only pay for my smallest dog when it comes to grooming, and I have two other dogs, but definitely my smallest dog is the one who is really a challenge to bath a manicure. He starts screaming all around and my mom can't stand it, so we take him to the vet and I think that it's actually a pretty good decision for us, because they are more capable to do some grooming that we are not that familiar with and maybe we can hurt them, just as brushing their teeth.
Our dog goes to the groomers about every 6 weeks - so yes, we do pay for a professional to do it. There's a few reasons for that - the biggest being that they do a WAY better job than what I can do with a pair of clippers! To me it would be like cutting my own hair - sure, I could do it - but would it look very good when all is said and done? Probably not!!

Secondly I just think that like some others mentioned, they're more aware of being able to spot any issues/problems than what I would be. They're professionals who deal with dogs on a day to day basis - so I just feel comfortable getting his grooming done by them, even if it is costlier than doing it myself.


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I send my two dogs to a pet groomer/vet every two months. Yeah, they are short-haired little pugs but I have trouble clipping their nails. Besides, I see that they're enjoying it so it always turns into a pampering day for them. It doesn't cost much to have them groomed and I get ample discounts from my vet neighbor.