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Do you pay someone to do it?

Discussion in 'Dog Grooming' started by joshposh, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. joshposh

    joshposh Member

    I've never taken my dog to a groomer before. I never felt so lazy where I had to pay someone to give my dog a bath and a quick trim before. Maybe it's just me being cheap, or blame on the way I was raised. Either way, I still take the time to clean and manicure my dog as I take that task personal. Maybe it's because my dog is my family and I take care of my own.

    Who out there pays someone to do it? How much do you pay to get it done?
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  2. morgoodie

    morgoodie Member

    I do not pay to get my dogs bathed, but I will take them to get their nails trimmed because I do not like to do it and am afraid that I am going to clip them too short. I pay $5 to have this done and I think that is reasonable. Both of my dogs are short haired so that is not a problem for me either. I will bathe them myself since that is way cheaper than paying someone to do it for me. I have heard that taking your dog to a groomers can be quite stressful for them so I do not want them to be upset or scared by being there. They are my family too.
  3. beli

    beli New Member

    When I had my massage practice, I traded out with a couple local groomer friends to groom my pack, either at my place or theirs, since one did house calls and so did I. This worked out well for all of us. My fur kids knew our friends, it was nothing extra out of our family budget and everybody got what they needed done professionally. When I only have short hair dogs, I don't mind doing the bathing myself. However, my last dog was funny about one paw being fooled with after I goofed once. We were both nervous about me doing her nails after that. I think in future, I might find YouTube videos on grooming my fur kids and maybe contact someone online for extra mentoring.
  4. xTinx

    xTinx Member

    I agree with you on this. Dogs are family. It's a very heartwarming experience when you personally take the time to groom them. Other than that, I find pet grooming salons rather expensive. I don't have extra money or time to send our dogs there. We bathe our dogs using store-bought herbal shampoos as often as possible. We have a bathing ritual for all of our dogs, which consists of taking them out for a walk after their fur has partially dried up, feeding them with kibbles after the walk and then cuddling.
  5. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    Nope! I keep him brushed pretty regularly and he comes running when I grab the brush, makes him quite happy. He doesn't need much trimming, and because he's always hyperactive, it used to be really difficult, but I just stopped using electric scissors and rewarding him for being still and letting me clip his hairs (especially around his ears because they bother him so much), he sits quite calmly now.
  6. Theboysmom04

    Theboysmom04 New Member

    I was a dog groomer for a period of time. I just do it at home now. My little boy is self grooming for the most part other than bathing and keeping him brushed. I trim his nails and pads when they need it.
  7. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    I cannot understand what some people will spend their money on. I am sure that the fact that I do not really groom my dogs in any meaningful way might factor into it, but I would not be willing to pay someone to do something like that. I would think that they fun would be in doing it yourself, but then again I do not really do all that much. It does make me curious as to what sorts of rates these places charge. Are they expensive?
  8. IcyFirefly

    IcyFirefly Member

    I took Capone to have his nails trimmed once when he was a rambunctious pup. It cost me $10 for it and he also came home with fleas, plus the nails didn't even look cut. I haven't paid for nail trimming since, but I asked about baths, and I dropped my mouth when they said it would be $50 bucks to bathe him.

    Since Capone short hair, I brushed his coat, and my son gave him baths when he needed one. I can't afford any of these grooming services around here.
  9. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    I have never had my dogs groomed by a professional. I guess it's something that I just don't think is all that necessary simply because I take good care of my dogs and pamper them. I also love doing all sorts of grooming things myself - I don't have any kids and treat my animals like my babies. I love fussing over them and bonding with them by making them look fantastic. So, while I'm sure that a professional would do a good job, I just don't need to have anything done that I can't see to myself.
  10. Akiram

    Akiram New Member

    We will sometimes pamper our shitzu but other times we do it ourselves. But when she needs a trim we will let her have her puppy spa and get super clean and gleam. We also can't trim her near the house because of the hair and people in the house have allergies.
  11. Corzhens

    Corzhens Member

    I used to bring my dogs to the grooming salon for bathing once a week or once every 2 weeks. But when we noticed that our dogs were getting ticks and fleas from the salon, I stopped that habit and tried to learn myself. Now, I bathe the dogs every weekend with the help of our housemaid. And for the grooming of their coat, I also studied how. With the tools that I bought, me and our housemaid do the trimming of our dog's coats. It's not really to save on money but to avoid the ticks and fleas in the grooming salon.
  12. KaseyHopeMartin

    KaseyHopeMartin New Member

    I used to be a dog groomer - in an actual salon. So naturally... no. I don't pay someone to do my dogs. I know how to do everything myself. I will however say that there are several pros along with cons to taking a dog to a dog groomer. Everybody knows the Cons (Corzhens, I am sorry that the groomer you went to had fleas and ticks, that is HORRIBLE! Any good self respecting groomer shop would never let that happen. Usually a flea and tick killing solution is mixed up in a spray bottle. If a dog comes in that has fleas, we try to find out that information first and get them in either end of the day when all other dogs or gone, or in the tub first. Then after that the entire shop should be sprayed with the "Dip" solution generously. A tip to finding a good groomer is the scent of the shop when you walk in. If the shop smells like wet, musty dog, GET OUT NOW! A groomer shop should smell of shampoo and cleaning products, not wet dirty dog [although sometimes that can't be avoided on the type of day it is]).

    But here are some of the pros:

    1. Expressing of the anal glands. Please pet owners DON'T EVER EVER try to do this yourself. An experienced groomer can check the anal gland of your dog, which can sometimes become compacted(which has a lot to do with diet and health of the dog). Should they stay that way, they could burst either inwards (which your dog will need surgery to save it's life as it has similar effects of an appendix bursting), or outwards (which your dog will need surgery to repair, and that is painful!). Expressing the anal glands can save you a huge vet bill, and also get good advice out of a groomer that knows what they are talking about on how to keep it from becoming compacted again. Compacted anal glands can be sore, and cause dogs to butt-scoot on the floor. But if it's done wrong you can seriously injure your dog.
    2. An experienced groomer can alert you to health issues you may not know your dog has. Groomers who go through certification are taught many things. If your dog has skin conditions, or developing sores, or their teeth are going bad, or maybe there's a sneaky ear infection, a good groomer (an attentive groomer) usually catches all of these things and can forewarn you if there's something going on with your furbabies body that you just may not know about as a pet owner, and maybe save you some money at the vets!
    3. Socialization. Dogs like humans need to be socialized with both dogs and other humans. Taking them to a groomer allows them that time that they need to be sure that they can get along with other humans and animals, and often times when the chores are done in the grooming shop, it's play time (and treat time, if you have a particularly affectionate groomer).
    4. Free tips, tricks and advising. Groomers know a lot. Generally a groomer has two, three or sometimes eight dogs of their own. They know a lot about training, behavior fixes, healthy diets, and homeopathic remedies! If you have a question, ask your groomer for your first opinion!
  13. jc banks

    jc banks New Member

    I do groom my dogs as well but nails I pay to have done, $5 is not that much and we are both happier I can’t do it my self its even hard for me to watch I don’t know why, I can give boosters not a problem but nails no.
  14. Brittk90

    Brittk90 New Member

    I know it can be tough to shell out the money to groom a dog, but I pay to get my yorkie groomed every other week. She gets a bath most of the time and gets a hair cut every 2 months. If I had a short haired dog, I'd just bathe them myself. However, with my dog, the groomer does a much better job. They do extra things that I'm just not able to do myself with blowdrying her hair and expressing the anal glands. I've tried to wash her myself and it's never the same and my dog does not like it. She gets very nervous and shakes the entire time. I take her to the same groomer every single time and she knows them and is very comfortable in their hands. She's never gotten fleas or anything like that from them. The cost isn't that expensive either. A bath only costs $20 and her hair is perfect. I cannot do a topknot like they can on her. I wish I was talented enough to groom her myself, but alas, I am not.
  15. jc banks

    jc banks New Member

    I get that with two toy poodles grooming is work, they hate their feet done and I cant do the nails so I got a groomer that does that.
  16. puli93

    puli93 New Member

    I bathed my dogs all by myself also groomed them. On the other hand there are a several good comments above me. For example puli breed dogs shouldn't get their fur before their eyes cut off, or they can go blind easily.

    Once one of our family friend did it and poor dog had a really bad temper after it.
  17. Fermin420

    Fermin420 New Member

    I do it all by myself, used to take it to the pet shop when he was a puppy to get a bath but now he's bigger I'm not afraid to give him a bath by myself, I also do the ear cleaning and everything.
  18. Tsuzuko

    Tsuzuko New Member

    I had to have my old Golden Retriever professionally groomed every few months. She'd get so matted and needed to have anal glands expressed quite frequently. She was the first and only dog I've ever had that needed it, but I also did it for my other dog, a border collie that I still own, just to get them both nice and pretty. It was a mobile groomer that did a great job, but she suddenly stopped responding to my phone calls and I suppose went out of business. Other than that, I do all of the grooming myself. Washing, brushing, ear cleaning, toenail trimming even teeth cleaning if necessary. Professional grooming is great, but it's hard to justify the money unless it's one of those breeds that really demands extensive and regular grooming.
  19. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    My dog has such long hair so we have to take him to be groomed at least once a month. We brush him at least once a day to prevent any matting and we do bathe him at home sometimes. He doesn't mind it, but we like to get him the works. They brush his teeth, clip his nails and dry him (he loves it) and he loves his bandana that they put on him when he is done.
  20. Mars

    Mars New Member

    Nope. I do everything when it comes to the grooming of my dogs. And anyway, I've only had big, energetic dogs. I don't think they'd behave in a salon. LOL. Anyway, I love bathing them. The only drawback is that after their bath, I'd be needing one too because I'd be the one smelling like a wet dog. :D

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