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Do you like small breeds?

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Some dogs are large sized and mostly used for guarding the compound against intruders. These are the ones used by the police to assist them arrest thieves and other criminals. Sniffer dogs are also used to locate illicit items or stolen property hidden in locations where it wouldn't be easy to find them using normal searches. Does your dog have other roles?


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I think I'm a bit biased due to the fact that most small breeds I've encountered are poorly trained, but I would definitely give them a chance just because they're so cute! Even though a dog is small, they're still bred with a job in mind, so it's important to keep them occupied.

Being a kind of lazy person, I'm drawn to big, sleepy dogs :)
I like small breed of dogs because they are cute and have a low maintenance. Don't get me wrong large breed of dogs are also good but for me i always choose the small one because it is more easy to take care not like the big one that need so much food and other things.
I prefer bigger dogs, around golden Shepherd-size because I think their size just makes them easier to cuddle with, almost similar to a child. I am a proud owner of small dogs though.


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I had small dogs growing up and my mother still has a min-pin (who is Satan incarnate). I do think they can be great if trained properly, also they are a lot cheaper to feed! My guy eats like a small man. My moms dog is 10 lbs give or take so food lasts a long time with him! What I don't like is how they get under/into things without you noticing and then end up almost getting themselves hurt. My poodle when I was a kid would love to get under the recliner when the foot pad was up and then almost get himself crushed/cut when you would go to put the foot rest down. We had to get off the chair and always look under to make sure. My moms dog also likes to jump off of the back of the couch and has dislocated his own leg doing this. I like having a bigger dog because he's not on the verge of destroying himself every five minutes!