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Do you dogs and cats get along?

In my experience, they don't. I have a Golden Retriever. Even when he's still a pup, he liked to chase cats. He didn't mean any harm, of course, he's just wants to play. Unfortunately, those cats think otherwise, and they just snarl at him, and even scratch him sometimes. But that's only with stray cats. He gets along with almost every other cat and animal and everybody else.
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@puli93 - I like that you had some bunnies there in the mix! That's adorable. My friend's sister (who was married with a little daughter) bought a bunny for the family. It was their only pet and I remember thinking "that's not much of a pet". But my friend was always telling me stories of how that bunny had a real personality and completely interacted with the family. When the bunny died the dad took it quite hard. He was a writer who worked from home and spent so much time with the bunny during the day. Just got used to the little thing being in the house with him, hopping around. I personally can't imagine, but they did have their attachment.
We actually have this huge, gray, very mellow tomcat. The only time he gets excited is when he's stalking a mouse. And even then, it's more of a: "meh, it's a mouse, so what?" kind of enthusiasm. But he gets along really good with our rabbit. The rabbit, on the other hand, tends to freeze up when Gray comes near. Maybe he's playing opossum.
My son and I rescued a kitten about ten years ago and we still have him. Fortunately he is tolerant by nature. My dog would love to play with him all day long if the cat would allow it. The two seem to coexist well.
I have two dogs and one cat and my cat and my dog in my profile picture are best friends. They play like crazy, they cuddle together, and give each other kisses. Watching them play is one of the most amusing and fun things to do. It's usually better than watching TV! :D

Also, I swear my cat thinks he is a dog... Hahahaha 12039514_1070014353011668_197608767722623419_n.jpg