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Do you dogs and cats get along?

Discussion in 'Cats' started by Annemarie, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    I usually have dogs, but when I was a kid we had both. I found that most of the time everyone got along ... but there was one time when we got a new cat and it completely upended the whole house. It terrorized our (mild mannered) dogs. Do you have both? How do they get along?
  2. morgoodie

    morgoodie Member

    I only have dogs right now, but I did have a stray cat come in the house. Before I could find it a home, I had it for a few hours and my one dog was following it all over the house trying to lick it all over. It was cute. I do not know if my dog had ever been around cats before I got him, but he seemed like he would get along just fine with the cat.
  3. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    While I don't have cats due to allergies, the pup wants to play with cats whenever he sees them but they misunderstand him and run away :( It's always so sad to see him playfully run over to them while they bolt away in fear and then he gets bummed out like nobody wants him lol
  4. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    Awww! that IS sad, when you see a little sweetie so excited to play and then feeling left out. I suggest he get some extra cuddles from YOU then to feel special :)
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  5. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    He gets plenty from me! He is quite the communicator when he wants love and affection, he will walk up to my desk and put his front paw on my leg from the hole in the armrest and make half-cry noises! Then I let him up and he won't let me look at the monitor, he likes to sit up with me, almost like he's begging, but he keeps 1 paw on my chest for stability and 1 at rest, I usually use my hand as his primary back support and then he eventually becomes a lapdog
  6. TacomaGirl

    TacomaGirl New Member

    My cats and dog choose when to get along. It really depends on the mood of the cat and his/her personality. One of my cats loves to tease the dog -- for example, he'll make a big scene while showing up at the house, get the dog all wound up, and then scamper out through the cat door. The dog then starts whining and whimpering. The old cat pretty much just wants the dog to stay out of his way, but the dog loves to groom him. The third cat is a sassy tortoiseshell, and she makes sure to let the dog know that she's the boss! She'll hiss and scratch and bite at the dog. My cat back home in Chicago loves the dog to bits. He'll sleep near him, groom the dog, and rub up against him.
  7. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson New Member

    I've got two cats, and two dogs, and even though the cats were not that impressed when I first brought the dogs home, they quickly got used to them. They all snuggle up together on cold nights and apart from the odd hiss here and there, its generally always quite peaceful. I've learned to keep the cats in a separate room while I feed the dogs, and then I feed the cats while the dogs are eating as that seems to be the best way to avoid any trouble. On rare occasions, when she is feeling mischieveous, my dopey old tabby Bubbles will play with my labradors tail and try to get a reaction out of her, but the rest of the time the cats tend to stay aloof and high up somewhere, while the dogs follow me faithfully around.
  8. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    That's so cute - they all snuggle up together. I love when animals are getting along and showing each other affection, it really is so sweet. Like - honestly - when you see everyone getting along and snuggled up together you can't help but feel better about a bad day, or just realize that at the end of the day it's all good. I love how animals can teach us to be sweet and calm just by example.
  9. Diane

    Diane New Member

    You've reminded me of a dog we had way back when I was a teenager with similar behavior, unfortunately he was stolen..he would especially crave my mom's attention with somewhat irritating barking noises and circling my mom's feet, which in turn would make her angry as she was always somewhat impatient :)
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  10. deansaliba

    deansaliba New Member

    I'm afraid my dog hates cats. When I first got her my mum took her in for a week while I was away, turns out her two cats terrorised her and would trap her behind the sofa and swipe at her if she tried to get out. One of the reasons why my girlfriend doesn't live with me if because she has a cat.
  11. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Member

    When I was growing up, we had one inside cat and several outside dogs. These two hardly really ever met. The few times they did, the cat was more riled up at first, our dogs were more curious than anything else. Of all our dogs, only one of our german sheps really liked her, they would sleep together in a sunspot a few times. The rest all stayed away or our kitty would hiss. I certainly think our cat thought she was in charge.
  12. Wolfheart57

    Wolfheart57 Member

    Yes, dogs and cats can get along. It usually depends on their personalities and what age they meet. The best dogs to pair with cats are golden retrievers and labs. My grandma had a golden retriever who used to babysit the kittens by the house when the mama cat would go hunting for field mice and rabbits. The cats were partially feral farm cats that had no issue with dogs as long as they were willing to be warm blooded couches. Mellow dogs can get along with most cats. If you are introducing a mature dog and cat, make sure that neither is allowed to pounce or hurt the other and that both have a place to escape. Dogs and cats need to establish who is alpha and beta before they will get along and that can take time, so don't rush it.
  13. amethyst

    amethyst New Member

    My dog and cat grew up together, and they are the best of friends. They usually curl up together on my old couch in the backyard, or they share the dog's bed. They've never really had any major problems with each other, as long as my cat is the boss. When it comes to dinner time, they are both well-behaved and share whatever is on offer. All in all, I feel really blessed with my two "kids" and how they get along with each other. It's definitely a harmonious home. :)
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  14. puli93

    puli93 New Member

    I think it depends on the upbringing.

    One year we had rabbits and cats and a dog. And they were the best friends, other times when we would have like to bring a kitty into the family our older dog couldn't stand it.

    But when they were small together, it's easier. Our cats was hopping around like a bunny, sometimes :)
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  15. heavymetalkilos

    heavymetalkilos New Member

    I do not have a cat personally but my dog does get along with cats when she saws them! My dog is usually pretty friendly what it comes to people too, so that's not a surprise. She's naturally curious about other animals and isn't afraid of getting close to them. My little one even tried to approach my old hamster when I still had one and it was so cute to see. I was afraid that she'd try to eat her, but that didn't happen.
  16. fcuco

    fcuco Member

    My dogs hate cats, for no apparent reason. Walking them is always a problem when some of the neighborhood cats are around, they go crazy and try to chase them. I really dislike this since I don't want them to hurt a poor cat and also, cats do fight back and my own dogs could get hurt.

    These dogs have no aggression problems of any kind and we never taught them to be afraid or to chase cats, on the contrary. They also get alone are always friendly towards other dogs.
  17. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    People that steal dogs are the worst :/ we had to sit my friend's mom down and let her know that her plan to sell people's dogs on craigslist was just straight up nonsense. She eventually realized what she was becoming, but boy was that a strange intervention to have. So sick :(
  18. Mars

    Mars New Member

    When I was young, we had all sorts of pets at home, including cats and dogs. They were able to get along fine, especially those that grew up together.
  19. joshposh

    joshposh Member

    As a kid we had both. They grew up side by side and they never went after each other. They are suppose to be natural enemies, but these guys were raised as siblings. Not everyday you get to see a Pit Bull get along with a cat. Now if they weren't raised together, it would be a different story all together.
  20. Arvis

    Arvis New Member

    I have 2 dogs and a cat, they seem to get along quite well. Except when dogs are running around the cat and sniffing it, then she gets a little annoyed. But overall they have no problem with each other.

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