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Do you adopt stray cats?

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We have a stray cat in our house my father brought him when he's a baby. He's roaming around the field and looking my father in the eyes kind of saying please adopt me. So my father melted his heart and decided to bring the cat. He's grown up now and thanks, God he gets along with my dogs.

Some prefer to have a breed cats and bought them in a pet shop because indeed they're really cute. But do you care to adopt stray cats or you just ignore them in the streets?


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I haven't adopted one that would be lost in the streets but both of the cats that I do have are adopted from our local shelter. First, we got one because I always wanted it. I never cared about having a proper breed or something. My main goal was to get one that truly needed a warm home... and then after a year and a half, I saw that she would love a companion so we went ahead and adopted the second little fellow.

I don't judge people that do prefer to have breeds but that's not my preference.
I've just recently adopted an old cat. He's been in our care for a short time and he passed away last Christmas. He started coming last September in our backyard and we do not know where he lives, but he seemed to look like he has a home. So we didn't really took him in and kept him because someone might have owned him because he comes and goes whenever he likes. I just don't know if he's been treated nicely though. He just comes around when he's hungry and needs a place to rest during the day but wouldn't sleep at our house at night. Later on. as we keep bringing him food, he seemed to be thankful to us and lingered on and rub his body in our feet. My son started to pet him and every time he comes home from school, he's in our gate welcoming my son. And so we named him Garfield because he's big and orange.

But our bonding and relationship was cut too short for the following months, on Christmas day, we saw him lifeless in our garden. A good old cat we knew not too long but was so kind and trusting enough to etch a big sore in our hearts when he left. Here's his photo taken when he comes from behind our fence at the back of our house.


The only cat I have so far is a stray cat. It was around Christmas last year that he was roaming in my backyard as a lost kitten. I think it may have been around 4 weeks old. Waited for a couple of days for its mother to show up. She never did.
So I decided to adopt him and gave him all the necessary vaccinations. My best friend now lives with me in my home as part of my already huge family. :)


We really don't adopt cats they just seem to like it here. It all started with 2 stray kittens who got inside our property and just stayed permanently, now their adults already and since then the 2 cats ballooned to 9, now we got all these cats scattered all over our property. That take cares of any rodent problem.