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Dire Wolves GOT

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If you could have any dire wolf out of Game of Thrones, which one would you want? I'm torn between Nymeria, because I like Arya, and Ghost. I love white wolves because arctic wolves are some of my favorite wild canines. But Nymeria is a female alpha and is running pack. So which dire wolf is your wolf?
Jon Snow's Ghost. I really like Jon Snow, and when I see Ghost, I want more Jon Snow. Vice -versa included. But there sometimes where I would rather see the direwolf rather than Jon. Not only because of its actions of the show, but also its looks. Its red eyes especially.
Hey, I would really want to know what has Nymeria been doing the whole time. I mean, she is a badass now, I think she has her own gang of wolves and I think she is still waiting for her part to be realized. There is something feminine and strong in that dire wolf so I think she is my favorite.