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Did your rescue dog settle quickly?

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So as the title says, I was wondering what experiences people have had with getting their dogs accustomed to life in a family after living with a different family or a shelter. My dog settled really easily and quickly, and seemed to love us from day one, but my aunt rescued a small dog who seemed terrified of her for a few weeks after moving in. He would lie in his bed and refuse to move out of it, barking and growling whenever people came near and even biting if they really frightened him. Whenever she left, he would do his business on her carpet and chew anything he could get his teeth on. It was only after a few months of TLC that he finally settled and became a friendly, playful dog.

Anybody else got an experience with helping a rescue dog settle? I have to admit that after seeing how difficult it was for her for those first few months, if I hadn't already rescued my dog, I might have had serious doubts about my capability to manage a dog with pre-made baggage.