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Deworming solution

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Which medicine do you use to deworm your pet? Most pet owners vaccinate their dogs, administer fumigants to remove parasites and take them to the vet to operate on a fractured femur but forget the crucial aspect of deworming. Dogs like scavenging for scraps of food and may in the process ingest the eggs of various parasitic nematodes. The most effective antidote against them is mixing dried tobacco leaves or powder with their favourite food. The worms will be dispensed with in a matter of hours. It really works.
There are some good over the counter medications like Hartz at Walmart that will work. You just have to be careful to give your dog the right dose for its size and keep giving your dog the medication the following two weeks (or whatever time it says in the directions).
It's normal for puppies to have worms.
What I did to stay on the safe side, I took a stool sample to my vet to analyze the worms and then he recommended the right medicine for the worms.
Most of the solutions are over the counter and affordable so it was an easy problem to solve.
He told me adult dogs should be every 3-6 months depending on where they stay.
I have no idea what the vet gave my dog, but I know that was one of the things that the vet must do right away, along with all the vaccination that my dog must have. We brought our puppy home when he was 7 weeks old, and he has a big belly, which I worried about worms. So the first thing I did was to bring him in to the vet for a complete check up!