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decoration network.With the price soared

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 23, 2017.

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    moisture content of the floor, the standard sheet moisture content can not exceed 12%. In addition, formaldehyde is an inevitable additive in the production of wood flooring. When the humidity exceeds 45% and the temperature reaches above 28 �� C, the formaldehyde in the floor will be doubled. Therefore, it can not smell strong pungent wood flooring . The third sin: high temperature and rainy construction In
    general, the decoration of the temperature should be between 5 �� ~ 35 ��, beyond which the floor tends to be lighter, and the high temperature will also affect the work of workers State, is not conducive to the final laying effect, we must avoid the hot weather. In addition to high temperature, do not in time for the construction of the rainy days, especially the continuous rainy day, the air humidity in the rainy days
    will usually reach 70% or more, will affect the floor pavement effect, the floor may also appear in the future Arch, tilt and other issues. The fourth sin: do not consider the warm wall Warm warm in the south, the wall is relatively rare, the north have all basic household. Although summer does not open the heating, but can not forget its existence. When nailing the floor nailing should pay attention to avoid warm
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