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Cute Puppies!


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I love puppies! :) They're the cutest especially when they do all sorts of cute and funny stuff that look so good on them. The first puppy on the video reminded me of one of my puppies when I was still a small girl. It was just so cute and furry that I named it after a character on an adventure movie I watched when I was a kid. I can no longer remember the title of the film but I named my cute little puppy "Cubby". Thinking about it made me suddenly miss my old dog.
Aw that is just cute. Pugs are ugly but for some reason they are incredibly cute. It's as if you can ignore their looks because they are so much more than that. They're also quite friendly. Depending on the way they were raised, they can exhibit some fierceness. However, when they get used to your presence, they become clingy and attention-seeking. Still, pugs are great in a family setting. Kids will love them.


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Those are some really good looking puppies right there! It would be really awesome to have them all at the same time, but it would also be a little bit hard to take care of all of them at the same time, but there's nothing that love cannot beat and especially if we're talking about dogs, in short words, there's nothing a dog lover could not do with their dogs :p