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Creepy Pets

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They weren't technically mine but my little brother got a couple pet crabs. They were the little one you can get at Walmart about the size of a quarter. He wanted them after he found out he was a Cancer. They were cool to begin with as they scuttled across the bottom of the sand. The creepy factor came when they would climb and hang upside-down on the cover of the tank. After a couple of days of dealing with them crawling everywhere and my family collectively realized that crabs are basically aquatic spiders. We haven't got pet crabs again.

Since then I've heard stories of people who got crabs as pets, and had them escape. Then when they were moving out of their apartment, found the crab alive and happy three years later. The more stories I hear of escapees, the more they creep me out.

Have you ever had a pet that became creepy or was creepy?


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Nope. I've never had one. But a friend of mine had snakes and iguanas as pets. I'm really not against people having them as pets, but they really creep me out. One time, his pet snake escaped. They have a big backyard that really needs a lot of trimming and he suspected that his pet snake was just lurking there. We tried to look for it but we had no luck. We never found him. But my friend said that sometimes he hears hissing sounds so he knows that his pet snake is just there. If that isn't enough to make you feel creepy, I don't know what.