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Clean dogs are clean of rabies

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We presently have 2 vets and both admit that our very first vet (in our previous home) is correct in saying that rabies abound in trash and that clean dogs are clean of rabies. Clean dog means our dogs which are kept inside the house and regularly bathed and cleaned. Rabies are spread by stray dogs that rummage in the trash particularly trash that have rotten meat.

It's funny because this topic always surfaces when we are having our dogs for their regular vaccine against diseases that includes rabies. So even if our dogs are safe, it is safer if they get the prescribed shots.... said the vet.
Capone is due to get his rabies shot on the 19 of August. One of the most important thing for me is to get him all the shots he needed.

Funny though, we don't have stray dogs running around the neighborhood, but stray cats, lots of them! There is no law to control the running stray cats, but there is law about dog roaming around.
No matter how well we took care of our pets it is just right to give them the prescribed vaccines they need. Even though we know that our pets are clean, we should also give them vaccine shots for rabies. After all, they are just like human. They are just like us.
One way that we could get to protect the dogs from the infection of rabies is by ensuring that they get treated and vaccinated as the vets will always prescribe. That was the way that I got to ensure that lukio, my baby dog, is clean of such and you're right by saying that clean dogs don't suffer from such.
Even if the dog is "clean," it is still best to vaccinate the dogs to protect them from infection. Once a dog gets infected, there is NO treatment and it has to be euthanized. Vaccination should be a must for all dogs.
I tend to agree that clean dogs are clean of rabies since sometimes rabies can be acquired by the dog in unpleasant environment and for the hygiene itself. But of course just for the sake of safety much better if we are going to give our dogs the vaccines that they really need to avoid any problems later on that may arise. It is very important so that they will be also be protected from any danger in the future.
In the majority of cases, the rabies virus is spread from one animal to another by the rabid animal biting another animal. So, if your dog was eating from some garbage, and a rabid rat (for example) came along and bit your dog, then it would probably contract the rabies virus.
While it is possible that one animal can contract the virus from eating food that has been left by a rabid animal (because of bodily secretions like “slobber”), this is not as likely because the virus would soon die in the open air.
Even if your dog is bathed and clean, it could get rabies if bitten by a rabid animal; so the best protection is to keep your dogs safe inside like you do, @Corzhens, and then they are not nearly as likely to be bitten by a rabid animal.