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Chasing Pure Breeds

Discussion in 'Cats' started by Wolfheart57, May 16, 2016.

  1. Wolfheart57

    Wolfheart57 Member

    Compared to dog lovers, I don't feel that cat lovers chase after pure breeds as much? But I'm aware that I've had a limited experience with cat lovers. But every dog lover I meet knows breed types like most people know their exact latte orders. And most of the people I know with dogs, have pure bred dogs even though they all tell you to go adopt at a shelter. While most cat lovers will just tell you that they have a cat, in all it's vagueness. I've met one person with a pure bred Siamese cat and she had inherited from her grandma. So are cat lovers less concerned with cat breeds or is it just the company I keep, or both?
  2. IcyFirefly

    IcyFirefly Member

    Yes, dog breeds are like brand names merchandises. People need to know and feel good to say that they have a pure breed dog, as if they are showing off their Gucci purse. I believe dog breeds translated as a symbol of status somehow.

    My dog is mutt, and I am fine with it :)
  3. OutOfSpoons

    OutOfSpoons New Member

    Our cats are all mixed breed, but we love them all the same. I think owning a purebred dog is almost like having a certain social status. People act like it's a major thing to be proud of, when all that matters is if whether or not you love your dog or cat. The only reason to own a purebred cat really is if you want to put it in shows and whatnot, but there's little difference between purebred or mixed breed cats. Most cats act the way they're taught when being raised, so there isn't much difference in temperament between breeds. Though, Maine Coon cats and those mixed with Maine Coon appear to be more laid back, so there is SOME difference.
  4. lexinonomous

    lexinonomous Member

    I think that people are less concerned about cat breeds in general. It's hard to really differentiate a cat, aside from their color. The only cat breeds people pay attention to are the very rare cat breeds that are more commonly known- such as a Bengal or Savannah. There are so many different types of dogs, it's hard not to pay attention to the different breeds. Their differences are drastic, while cats tend to just have different color patterns.

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