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CATS: Next Man's Bestfriend

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With all honesty I consider myself not an inborn 'cat lover'. I find them cute - yes, but I never really dream nor want one to take care and have as a pet. Until one morning after I finished my grocery stuff and there was this cat sitting very lonely beside the road. She's not the cutest of all the cats that I've seen but there was something with her that really turned my back and brought her home without hesitations at all. My 2 kids were so amazed and they took her right away...fed and bathe her.

When my children delivered the said cat in my bedroom I was really surprised because the filthy and smelly cat I brought home was then the most adorable cat I've ever seen :). I named her "Puh". For months she has been our family's sweet little baby. My kids will rush home just to play with her. And whenever I started dressing up for work she will stand in front of my closet and blocking my way as if she's telling me not to go. So when she didn't win from stopping me to go to work she will go straight ahead of the main door and just wait for me there while gracefully waiving her tail. And mind you, she knows when I am about to go home. Our housekeeper told me that it is Puh's attitude to walk and sit infront of our gate at exact 30 minutes before I arrive home. She will sit there very patiently and approach me from a far. She also knows her spot when we're off to bed and the most funny thing about her is that she will never lie down and just stare in our aircondioner till we turn it on :)

A year passed by and Puh got pregnant and after a while gave birth to 4 lovely kittens (Phil, Ynah, Tots and Oowi). Since then, my passion and love for cats grew and I even started adopting cats and picking stray cats in the streets. For now, I have a total of 11 cats.

I'd been doing my research tho because I have noticed that after Puh had her kittens she rarely sleep besides me and very seldom gets inside the house (till she is hungry). She seems withdrawn and easily gets mad when she sees me playing with other cats. Is there really some sort of jealousy with cats?