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Cats and Cucumbers

Discussion in 'Cats' started by Annemarie, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    I keep seeing that video all over the internet about people putting cucumbers on the floor behind their cats, and then the cats jumping a mile high. I don't have a cat at the moment (and haven't since I was a child ... where I would have gotten into a LOT of trouble for putting food on the floor!) but I'm curious about this. Have you played this trick on your cat?
  2. morgoodie

    morgoodie Member

    I know exactly what video you are talking about and like you I do not have any cats to try this with. I wonder if it would work with other food or just with cucumbers? Cats can be so funny though with the things they do. I would love to hear if someone else has tried this with their cats as well and hope they share it with us.
  3. Canis

    Canis New Member

    It was funny to watch but they cats looked really freaked out, so I wouldn't do it to my own. I imagine it is some kind of innate anti-predatory reaction like to a snake.
  4. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    I know, they DO look so freaked out. But the videos I've seen never show what happens after the initial shock (which yes, is a bit cruel). I'm just wondering if, after the first shock, does the cat come back and figure out that it's just something inanimate that's harmless? "Oh - I thought you were a snake. I see now you're just a cucumber."
  5. puli93

    puli93 New Member

    I tried it with my cat ans nothing happened.

    Also one of the local morning show host's tried it with several cats, like house cats and pedigree ones but just a few reacted. Maybe it's more like a genetically coded thing.
  6. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Member

    I saw quite a few videos on cats being scared by cucumbers. I tried it with my mom's cat. Sally just sniffed it and went on her merry way. I swear our cats are so lazy...

    I did hear someone mention on my twitter feed that it was supposedly bad for the cat. Is this just the usual drama, or is their some truth? Anyone know about this? I agree it may be a rude prank but certainly nothing all that bad to hurt it... right?
  7. hmgerrety

    hmgerrety New Member

    I've seen those videos and thought they were hilarious. I tried putting a cucumber on the floor behind my cat when he wasn't looking and he turned around, sniffed at it and then carried on with his business. Needless to say I was disappointed. I had my camera ready for something funny. oh well.
  8. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson New Member

    I tried this with my neighbors cat, who is very slightly mad. He hissed at it and then attacked it. Perhaps he's not the most mainstream of cats to try the experiment with, he quite often hisses at and attacks things that are invisible to everyone else. The videos on Youtube are interesting, I can only imagine that most of those cats were startled by the sudden appearance of a cucumber and treated it as a predator.
  9. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    I've also see similar videos with flip-flops. Honestly, I think if you gather up enough of any one reaction you can make it look like a "thing". There are 7 billion people on this planet and only a handful of those videos, right? Still, having never seen it myself I was just really curious if it was a myth or if it was an all-the-time thing.
  10. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    My cats have never been responsive to cucumbers. None of them. My cat Misty, though, what gets her flying are Berber area rugs. As soon as she steps on it, she pole vaults. It's hysterical.
  11. psanch

    psanch New Member

    I've never tried this on my cat and I don't think I ever would, but I can't help feeling that mine will just end up eating it. I'd read so much about cats being purely carnivorous before I got her and so I'm quite amazed at all the things she will eat. She likes fruits, mushrooms, bread (not so surprising I guess). So with the cucumber, it's anybody's guess what will happen!
  12. OutOfSpoons

    OutOfSpoons New Member

    I haven't done it to my cats, but I don't think they'd care. Most of our cats are pretty laid back, they'd probably just sniff at it and walk away. One of our cats, though, is always really keyed up, and I am kind of curious as to what she'd do.
    I think cats get so scared of it because it's large, and it suddenly appears behind them while their guard is down. Honestly, I'd do the same if something almost my size appears behind me while I was eating or doing whatever.

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