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Breed you've always wanted- but will never have?

I want Husky, because of its thick fur, the shape of ears, and their eyes. I love everything about it They look like wolf. My cousin had a husky, and they are so friendly to others. They are really into cold environment, my cousin let them stay in an air conditioned room,and the water that they are drinking is cold, sometimes they put some ice in their water.
Hopefully soon, I'll be having one. :)
I always wanted to own either English Mastiff or Tibetan Mastiff. I know Tibetan Mastiff is quite expensive and it is hard buy but if I am given the chance to buy one, I will surely buy one. My admiration for large dog starts when I was a kid when my dad both me my very first pet, it's was a female German Shepherd. Both me and my German Shepherd grew together like we are brothers. Taking care of German Shepherd takes a lot of strength and hard work, and it take a lot of space in your house. And since then, every time that I buy a new pet I prefer large dogs.
I would love to have a syberian husky. I love its wolf like appearance but apparently I can't and won't have one because they are high maintenance and I can't really afford that. So sad.
Since then I want the breed similar to a wolf, the Siberian husky but as a student now. I cant afford to buy and maintain that kind of dog. I loved the looks of a Siberian husky, the bearing, and of course, all of us loved they fur.
I've always wanted a Labrador or Golden Retriever because they are tall and huggable and also very friendly. But the thing is, it's hard to find a good affordable breeder. And my family doesn't really like spending money and they are not interested in pets unless it is a gift by someone. But I'm pretty happy with my Dachshund x Mongrel dog haha she looks like a crossbreed of German Shepherd and a Corgi :D Maybe someday if I'm able to find a stable job and have a good income I could adopt a Goolden Retriever or Labrador so Wendy will have some friends that she can play with! :D
We’ve always wanted a Husky. Its not just cute and good looking, i think they’re also good at protecting and loyal to their owners. But living in a tropical country makes it very difficult to maintain. Because of their nature and needs i dont think ill be able to afford one. Maybe one day. Truly dogs also reflect the kind of lifestyle you have.


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Husky for me, But I can't afford it right now, besides, we're in tropical country, It's hard for them I think to live in a tropical or hot country, They need to be always in a air-conditioned room to feel better. I saw some of my friends having husky and put them in a bathtub with full of ice just to feel better.
The kind of breed that I've always wanted and I'll never have no matter what I do is the Toy Trawler Spaniel... And that is because they went extinct on the early 20th century.

It's really sad because they were really beautiful, and were said to have a sweet and playful temper. It's quite a shame, and while modern-day spaniels are very similar, it's never quite the same.

It's very sad, when you think of it.
I love to have Husky just for their beauty and innocent look. They look more like ornaments though, they are way more than that. I could get it because regulations wouldn't allow it.
I always wanted to have a Siberian Husky because they are really cute for me. The sad thing is that I am in a country that has a ho temperature. I heard this kind of dog should be in a cold weather and not in hot. It is a very sad thing to me. There was a time that my friend tried to give me a Husky but I can't accept because of a weather. I hope someday I will have a chance to have a Siberian Husky.
I have always wanted to raise German Shepard and Golden retriever. However, I have never raised these dogs, In fact, I have never raised big dogs. The only exception is Tibetan Mastiff. However, he did not survive for long. I also had an Alsatian once, however, he also did not live long.