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Breed you've always wanted- but will never have?

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Personally, I've always loved Irish Wolfhounds. They're just such beautiful dogs! But of course I don't, and probably won't ever, have the lifestyle for them. Which is okay, they're just not the dog for me. That doesn't mean I won't still look at pictures of them and pine, though.

So, which breed have you always loved but won't ever get?
I've always wanted a Husky. Absolutely gorgeous dogs that can be such sweethearts. I fell in love with the one one of my best friends had. I love their wolf-like look, their color scheme and icy blue eyes. Technically I did have a husky before. My parents had one when I was a baby, but I was too young to remember her. Her name was Princess, and according to them her name was also ironic because she was anything but a princess. They were always worried that she'd bite me because she'd hang out by me and growl a little and she completely destroyed everything in the house one when we weren't home. I mean it, the furniture, the carpet, the door, she chewed/scratched everything. We didn't live in a big house, nor did we have a lot of room and the house was empty fairly often. She was likely rebelling and bored, but we still ended up giving her up. As much as I'd love a husky, I can't see myself being in a situation where I'd have the space and time to give it the proper exercise and lifestyle that they'd need to be happy anytime soon.

On another note, my parents have always wanted huge dogs like great danes and saint bernards. However, there's just not the physical capacity in the house to handle big dogs like that.
I have always wanted a pitbull, I couldn't afford to have one back in the day when it was cool to have a pit bull. Now I can but in my country they have such a bad reputation my neighbors would probably poison him out of fear while I'm at work, . He just wouldn't be happy in this kind of environment I think.
I don't think there's any breed that's truly unattainable in the long run (and if you have enough money for it), but if we take into consideration environment and what the dog is bred to do, then some breeds do seem impossible to have. For example, I love Great Danes and Great Pyrenees and other big dogs, but I live in Japan. Big dogs aren't necessarily loved here in Tokyo. Plus, the weather and small living space really makes it impossible to raise a Pyrenees or like breed here.

The other dog breed I don't think I'll ever be able to get is the Bernese Mountain Dog. Expensive, big and rather energetic. I wouldn't have the time or finances to keep up with the care. :(
I've always wanted an Alaskan Husky but I live in southern California and it's just to hot for them. I see people walking them at noon with that thick fur that never seems to thin out. They are panting so hard in the heat and I just can't ethically buy a Husky knowing I live near a desert. I also don't exercise enough to keep one happy, I work crazy hours in front of a desk and don't have a backyard yet. All the videos I watch with happy Huskies show their owners working them really hard because they have that kind of drive.

There are a list of just tiny dogs that I just see people walk and outside of Starbucks that are so adorable like Dachshund, Pomeranians, Terriers, Bolognese, Vulpino, Corgis, and other little puffs of cuteness that just make you want to pick up and take home. But I've never met a nice little dog. They all have little Napoleon complexes and end up being bitters. I know that pets are completely reflective of their owners but I just can't shake every bad experience I've had with small dogs. But I want one but I know I'll never buy a small dog over the nicer bigger breeds.
Oh I have to agree with the Irish Wolfhound. I have a friend who has one and I've fallen in love with her. My husband on the other hand does not want a dog and I can completely understand as we're away frequently and don't have time for a dog at this point in our lives. Someday though we will have a dog and it will be an Irish Wolfhound. I have plenty of space for one both inside and out.
I was reading this book series, the Dresden Files, and fell in love with the dog character, Mouse. I found out that the fictional Mouse was based on a Caucasian Ovcharka (Caucasian Shepherd) and the mythological Fu dog. Obviously, I can't have a Fu dog but as much as I'd love to have the huge fluffy Caucasian Shepherd, it's not likely to happen. They're hard to find and very expensive.
With the advances in technology and all the other stuff, I think it is possible to get any breed you want in any location you want them. They have been bred to be stronger and more immune to their non native climates as well. If you can Afford a Dog breed, you can surely have it. I also think it is illegal to poison a pet dog without the owners consent and I don't think anybody would do that out for fear of going in to prison. I have a Boxer by the way and I am hapy with it as that was what I wanted. Good Luck getting a new Dog.
This is a rare breed, but I've always wanted a Besenji. The problem is that I need a hypo allergenic dog because I'm allergic to the dog's hair. Luckily, my soft coat wheaten terrier is hypo-allergenic, but I'm thinking that one day I may go with a Besenji, which are known to be very intelligent.
The Doberman. I would love to have a tough, kick-ass, stud of the dog world, Doberman but I'm scared. They were meant to be protectors, but just like the German Shepard, Rottie, and Pit bull, they top the list of aggressive dogs. I know you can't judge a dog by the breed, but we're all a little racist even when it comes to dogs. I can't trust known aggressive dogs. I have anxiety issues. :(
I have always wanted a black lab. When I was growing up we would go up to our family cabin and the neighbors had three black labs, and they were amazing animals and I really miss them and ever since then I have wanted a black lab. I am not sure why I did not get one, but for some reason I just didn't. I will eventually, because I just have to, and I think having one later in life may be for the best.
I've always wanted one of those hairless Mexican dogs. They're not the most attractive breed out there and they're rare in my area, but I've wanted one ever since I saw them on TV. There's just something about them that I love. I don't actually see myself owning one though because I'd like to move to Moscow in the future and the cold weather is not suitable for a hairless dog. Plus I don't really know anything about the breed so I'd be a bad owner until I learned to take care of them.
I also have to go with Irish Wolfhounds, not only do you need some decent space but just a salary to feed them. I certainly don't want to be the one on the other end of the shovel when it comes time to clean after them.


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I've always wanted a Husky, it's in my opinion the best dog breed of all and you can teach it anything. That being said, a dog like that takes up a lot of your time and maintenance, and I'm way too busy at the moment to take care of one.
Maybe in the future when I'm going to retire I'm finally gonna adopt a Husky. :D
Huskies are ridiculously beautiful dogs, but I could probably never own one. I live in a really hot place, and I'd hate to force an animal built for cold places to live where I live. Heck, I'm built for warmer weather and it gets too hot for me. Also, dogs in general are more active creatures, and I'm usually too busy to do a lot of dog walking. Maybe in the future, if I move, I could own one, but that's very unlikely.
I've always wanted a Husky. Absolutely gorgeous dogs that can be such sweethearts. ... I love their wolf-like look, their color scheme and icy blue eyes.
As can be possibly inferred from my name and avatar, I'm in the same boat. I really love huskies for many reasons including, like you mentioned, their look and attitudes towards others, but also because huskies are my school's mascot! Anyways, I've heard huskies are really great dogs. But, the reason I don't think I'll be able to ever have one is that in a busy, modern life, I don't think I'd have enough time to properly care for one and attend to its exercise needs, and I don't want that to end in rowdy behavior. That being said, however, I'd love to take huskies on frequent hikes, that way we're both beneficiaries. Either way, huskies are great dogs, and I'd love to get one in the future, but I don't think I'd have the time to care for one.
A dog that I used to think was really cute when I was younger (and that I really wanted) was the Shar Pei breed. They are the ones with the rolly looking skin - I think most people will know the breed I am referring to!

After doing research as an adult though, I found that their rolls are a real breeding ground for bacteria and a lot of the poor dogs can get bad skin infections as a result of that - and they can also have trouble with their eyes because of the folds of skin rubbing and causing lesions. When I read more into the breeding and everything and how they have so many health problems I couldn't bring myself to support that. I know that basically all purebreds have some kind of health issue but I really felt like shar peis were at the extreme end of it :(


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Border collie!! They are so energetic, smart, and loving, but my yard is way to small to have this breed. I always feel strongly about making sure your dog has the space to do what they were bred to do. With border collies, they're passionate about herding and RUNNING. If I ever move out to the country and have a big field, I'll get one in a heartbeat.
Husky is the breed that i want cause they are adorable and cute.lol. it's sad to say that i can't have some husky here in our country because of the weather.we all know that husky is only for cold weather country.But im still happy with my one and only mixed breed Labrador. She's cute and adorable also.:)
I have always wanted a Golden Retriever but it is very expensive in our country. My father used to work in a place where the owner owns one, and they named it Tengo. Golden Retrievers are very friendly and smart breed of dogs. I find them really cute and fun to play with. They also have really unique features and can be easily trained.