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Best Kid-Friendly Dogs

I had a little jack russell when I was growing up, they don't get too big and they're quite weak, mine was scared of like everything so there was no chance of it going crazy in a bad way.

It was good to play with and wouldn't bite you or anything, lovely little thing.

I'd say that's pretty kid-friendly.
When I was younger, I had a Beagle that was extremely loyal and loving. Most importantly, it never bit me, nor anybody else she came into contact with. I think any dog can be trained to behave well and it's not necessarily breed specific. You just need to show it some tender loving care.


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Yorkshire terriers seem to be very kid-friendly. But there's a catch - they are very fragile, so I'd say kids are not so dog-friendly in this case.
In my opnion, boxer breeds are one of the most kid friendly dogs you can have. Given they behave like a puppy even after reaching adulthood, are very playful and lovely. The only issue with them are the genetic vulnerability to heart diseases (boxer cardiomyophathy).
I grew up with German Shepherds. The first German Shepherd we had died before I was 10. He was through a retired police dog program and was great for us as babies. Then, when we were older 12 - 22 we got a regular German Shepherd as a rescue. He was neurotic, wild, fun and good to run about with. Which was great through adolescence.

I'm a huge fan of adopting shelter dogs too. My last two the German Shepherd and my current on, a Yorkie Terrier Mix, were both Shelter dogs and both turned out to be amazing in their own ways.
I wouldn't necessarily look for a specific breed but traits that I want to see.
  • Stable temperament - not easily scared. Drop a loud object and watch how the dog reacts. If a puppy, I'd want to see a volhard score and would aim for a pup with mostly 4's if I had kids. As it is, my current dog is mostly 5's and my last dog was mostly 2's. They are both good pets and were/are well trained but not the best kids pets.
  • Not physically sensitive. Some breeds are more sensitive than others. One way to test is to poke at the dog yourself. I'd pull it's tail (lightly), handle the paws, pinch a fold of skin, maybe tug gently on a handful of hair, mess with his ears, and poke my fingers in her mouth. Watch the body language. If the dog moves away or ignores it, that's good. I'd just make sure he had a place to retreat from the kids. If the dog was growling or getting snappy, I wouldn't trust her around kids.
  • Low prey drive. You don't want a dog that will chase running children and try to pull them down. They might be only playing but a kid could get hurt.
  • Small enough for the parent to control the dog easily (this will vary depending on the parent) but large enough not to be easily injured by accident (like if a child trips and lands on the dog).
Havanese tend to be great with kids. They are extremely friendly in general though because of their natural tendency to want to be around people 24/7. If your children want to have an extremely affectionate dog, this is a great breed. Otherwise, the children may get annoyed if they aren't interested in giving the dog a ton of attention.
Well first off I would have to say that any dog would be great for a kid to grow up with, but if I had to choose one to be specifically kid-friendly I would say that a black lab would be my first choice, and it is the first thing that came to my mind. It perhaps has to do with my own personal experience, but oh well. I also know a friend who has a lot of kids who swears that the answer is a pug, so that is a good one too. I am a little curious about what @xoJessica says about German Shepherds, that is an interesting one.