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Best Kid-Friendly Dogs

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What breeds do you consider the safest family friendly dog? I grew up with labs and golden retrievers so I'm biased. What do you look for a family dog?
You know, I have a yorkipoo, but I'm alone - no husband or kids. I love my dog but I don't think he would be the best for a family. But it's funny, when I read your subject line I immediately thought "Golden Retriever". I grew up with mutts but always wanted a golden retriever as a kid. They're still some of the first dogs I'm draw to if I'm out and see someone on the street with one. It's like they're just so friendly, and completely sweet and have the best demeanor. So, I agree with you on your choice.
I can't say I can think of any specific breed, as they all have their unique quirks. Some dog breeds are temperamental or stubborn, which wouldn't be good in the presence of children, but it's up to the family and what they think they can handle. Of course, my first dog was a German Shepherd puppy that I grew up with. My parents used to tell me of all the things I did to Jessie when I was growing up. Apparently, it never ceased to amaze them what that dog allowed me to do.
Ideally, a good 'family' dog is one with high levels of obedience, not necessarily intelligence (i.e. pigheadedness), and a fair amount of energy. Younger kids might love a terrier breed, like a Jack Russell, who are easy to cuddle with, have loads of energy, and can be taught tricks. Great Danes are wonderful, because they're so gentle. Bassets, corgis, border collies, and retrievers are not only patient, but they make great companions and are decently sized. Definitely agree with Goldies being amazing.

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While they have a bad reputation, Pit Bulls are very patient with children. They were originally bred to be family protectors. My own Pit mix allowed my nephew to climb all over him, ride him like a pony, and pull on ears and tail. All with no protest. The worst he would do was get up and move to a new location If my nephew got to annoying.
The labrador, the golden retriever, the bull dog, the newfoundland, the irish setter, poodles! All great kid friendly dogs. They make great pets in a family situation and have shown great patience with kids. However, it really is down to the dog's training and upbringing as well as their personality.


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I find Yorkshire terriers very friendly with everyone, but I wouldn't recommend them around kids as I find them very fragile and you know what kids are like. Also kids drop a lot of food on the ground but those terriers shouldn't eat most of what we eat, even in little amounts.
Adopting a dog is like choosing a brand new family member. A family dog should be patient, resilient, energetic ( to keep up with kids), intelligent and friendly. Beagles are my best choice followed by the water loving Spaniels. They are energetic, friendly and make up great family pets. They are active companions of all ages making them a fantastic choice for most families. They bond well with their host families, children and adult alike.
I think any dog with the proper training will make great kid and family friendly pets. Dog are trained to attack and be aggressive. That is a something that is taught and nurtured. If you correct the dog immediately they will learn to be docile and submissive. It's when you baby them and treat them in a non dog manner is when you have problems.
Some people may think I'm crazy but Pit-Bulls are amazing when it comes to children. Pit-Bulls are sweet, playful, loyal, and extremely patient. Of course, it naturally comes down to the dog, their nature, and how you treat them, but for the most part (with my experience) they are absolutely amazing when it comes to having them be a part of the family.
I would probably trust a German Sheperd that any other type of dogs to be around children. These dogs are highly intelligent which makes them more tolerable and caring to children. Some people trusting seem to be very trustful of having Pit Bulls around their children. However, I am not comfortable with Pit Bulls around children because I have seen them become violate and attacked children in the past. Normally, it's very rare that a dog would attack a child.
I think it has to do more with the family that raises them, even without proper training I have seen all kind of dogs do pretty good around children. I know of a litter of husky's that are pretty much nany's, after seeing them deal with their fellow children I have to say I wouldn't be afraid to let my baby with them.
I think it has to do more with the family that raises them, even without proper training I have seen all kind of dogs do pretty good around children. I know of a litter of husky's that are pretty much nany's, after seeing them deal with their fellow children I have to say I wouldn't be afraid to let my baby with them.
I agree 100% with this. I've see lumbering St Bernards be incredibly patient with spoilt kids. Although that breed is a little famous for being laid back. My point is, when trained correctly a dog can be a great addition to the family.
I agree with the folks that say Pitbulls can be very family friendly, and they do get really attached to their owners, however they can be really protective if not correctly trained. Be careful when you're introducing your dog to kids that are not yours.
Smaller dogs seem to be the nippiest to me, although I have a terrier who is very kid-friendly. He tolerates just about anything. I've seen many labs let kids hang all over them, too.


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Well, from personal experience I would have to say Cavalier King Charles because that's what we have now and we've had a few of them. We've also had quite a few other breeds, probably most of them in fact, but out of all the dogs we've had I can safely say that the King Charles' were the most child friendly and also the most fun in that respect. Next to that, I would probably have to say Golden Retriever.
English Mastiffs are amazing kid-friendly dogs. I have two English Mastiffs and they were wonderful with both of my siblings. They might be huge dogs, but they are insanely lovable. They love attention and are huge teddy bears. They are said to be the "gentle giants" of dog breeds and are known to die of a broken heart, once they stop getting the attention they need. Luckily, with kids, they love animals and love giving attention. My mastiffs were the perfect match for my little brother and sister growing up.
Pit Bulls are pretty sweet to kids and pugs are like kids themselves. I grew up with labs and retrievers too and I can definitely say they are human-friendly (not just for kids) and great companions. I think poodles are pretty lovable and if you can dress them up too.


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It really depends on the individual dog, but labs and goldens are generally good kid-friendly dogs. I'm biased because goldens are one of my "heart" breeds, but they make good dogs for just about anyone because they're super versatile. They're content to cuddle and be lap dogs, but they do well in stuff like agility if you're more active. They're generally bright and biddable, which makes teaching them obedience and tricks fun and easy. All of the goldens I've had, including my current pup, have had a strong drive to please.

That said, I believe that just about any breed can be a good family dog and do just fine with kids with the proper supervision, training, and effort.
I grew up with a Golden retriever which has never been a problem to be around with. I also strongly believe in the training that has been given to a specific Dog for it to be Obedient and Safe around Children. I have a Pug around my Nephew and it never troubles him. But you can't just trust on a specific Breed to be let around Children and I give a lot of importance to get them well trained before letting them around small Kids. Good Luck Choosing.
My first dog was a Pomeranian and he was the most friendly dog I ever had. I had another Pomeranian afterwards when my son was young as they are friendly to kids and quite harmless (It's easier to take care of them too!). Now I have a pug and he's a pure delight. I prefer to have small dogs but I also had German Shepherds twice when my son was just a year old. Both the German Shepherds were very loving towards my son and took special care that they don't hurt me. Unfortunately my German Shepherds died within a year.