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Best brushes for a medium-coated dog?

Discussion in 'Dog Grooming' started by PenguinManiac, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac New Member

    I'm an absolute ignorant of grooming, since the only dogs I've dealth with were either short-haired or groomed by professionals, so now I'm wondering what brushes I should use for a dog with medium coat. What are their differences, and what are the best ones?
  2. Jezeray

    Jezeray Member

    The brush I use most often is the hard slicker brush. I also keep a pin-brush (like a human hairbrush) for his tail, an undercoat rake that I thought would be a good idea but I never use, a mat-breaker that does get used, and a flea comb. He's never had fleas but the flea comb is very useful to get small debris or tag-along seeds out of his coat. If you have a breed that sheds, you may want something like a furminator or de-shedding comb.

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