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Hi guys, how often do you give your dog a bath? I give mine once or twice a week. Luckily, he likes water so bathing him isn't troublesome, but is quite tedious because of his size. Did you have any trouble giving your dog a bath?
I know that it's not that healthy to wash your dog often with shampoo and that it's recommended to wash them once a month. Of course you can wash it if it gets dirty or you have to clean it's paws.
My 2 dogs stay outside and one of them has never taken a bath :p I do wash them when they get dirty, but not the entire body. Both of them have clean coats and are free of fleas and other critters :)


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Bathing the dogs has never not been hard. Makes for some hilarious stories though. We have purely outdoor dogs so bathing is not too much of a concern. They're usually fine the way they are. In fact the first thing they do once bathed is to roll around in the mud to get their usual scent(!!) back! :p I don't think they should be bathed too often no matter how mild the dog shampoo. I know we've always picked sunny days to bathe the dogs since blow drying them is not an option!
I never had trouble bathing my dogs. They enjoy it and I enjoy it too. I bathe them every other day to keep them smelling and looking fresh.
I always give my dogs regular bath everyday since I don't see any reasons to not let them take a bath everyday because as I observed my dogs really love them. It is also a way for them to feel relax especially if the weather is very hot. As much as possible I would really consider bathing them everyday.
My Aris just can't be bathed at home. He makes such a mess It is indescribable. What I do is I take him to a dog groomer or when I don't have enough money, I bring him to my dad's house and do the job in the backyard. He likes the water, even plays with the hose. :D


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I used to wash him on a schedule but now I wash him whenever he gets gross, which is somewhat often because he loves to roll around on bird poop. I have to be vigilant on our walks because there's bird/goose poop EVERYWHERE around here and he will dive right into it if I don't stop him. He also rolled around on a dead crab he found one time.


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My mom rarely gives the family dog a bath. I suppose she should. Anyway, he wallows on blankets which haven't been washed - and they're massively soiled with dirt and urine. Well, at least they should be cleaned.


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I bath my dog twice a week but this is a big challenge because he like the water very much and now because is the winter season I was him in the bathroom and not outside in the yard as we do it in the summer season.
So, you can imagine how my bathroom looks after I was my dog there...


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A tip I learned for bathing a dog that doesn't like baths is to wipe peanut butter on the wall of the shower. The dog will be pre-occupied licking the peanut butter and won't be as a big of a pain to deal with in the shower. Obviously, this might not work with all dogs.
Keeping my dog clean is an integral part of what I want to do on a daily basis for I have come to see that taking good care of the dog entails giving her a daily bath for that is going to make the dog look fine and free of diseases. I do this job of bathing her and she enjoys it.