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Barbie versus nightmare

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I wake up earlier than my husband for I leave for work earlier. One time as I came out of the bathroom, I heard the barks of Barbie. Our dogs sleep inside our bedroom. When I opened the door, I heard my husband moaning on the bed, obviously having a nightmare. And there was Barbie barking at my husband. She jumped on the bed and bit the hand of my husband who woke up (the bite was not harmful though).

Clearly, Barbie saved my husband from the nightmare.
:D.. I have seen dogs having nightmares but never before a dog waking up a person for that. Is a really curious anecdote. When a dog in a deep sleep have nightmares, It whimpers a little and move some muscles, but nothing really worrying happens. I usually wake them up when happens though.
Wow, that's pretty awesome. Barbie must have thought that your husband was in some sort of pain, since he was moaning in pain while dreaming. I have had my dog wake me up from a few nightmares before. Since they can sense our distress while we're awake, it's not surprising to me that they can recognize us in distress while sleeping. I'd imagine your dog Barbie is very protective of you and your husband. :)