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Are some breeds better than others for a first-time dog owner?

Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by PenguinManiac, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac New Member

    There are a lot of factors you have to take into consideration when choosing a breed, like your life style, economic resources, available space, free time and so on.
    However, should first-time dog owners with no experience avoid some breeds? Does the lack of experience with dogs limit their choice? If so, what breeds would you not recommend? And, considering this, are some breeds better than others when choosing your first dog?
  2. puli93

    puli93 New Member

    Talking about breeds and choosing, there is not really a best one, of course.
    I really like muts, they are so much smarter then a few high breeds, and if you adopt one that is the best decision!
  3. spence88

    spence88 New Member

    Very informative post. Thank you. I can't think of anything else to add after reading that. Couldn't have said it any better. The only dog I owned is a Golden Retriever, so I can't say anything else with other breeds. One thing I can say, sure a Golden Retriever can be calm, but it can be extremely energetic as well! One just need to train it to behave properly. It took mine quite a while.

    To Topic Creator:
    I think you need to pick a breed that you think you would truly love and let yourself adjust to the situation. In our case, the first time we bought a dog, we just got a breed that we really loved. Of course, we did a little bit of research on how to raise that certain breed, but that's it. If you love the dog, you will do everything to raise it up properly. This is just my opinion though, and I am open to other ideas. Good luck!
  4. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    I think generally speaking, smaller breeds are better for people that cannot take command of a dog in the way that you must if you are going to keep it safe from the dangers of human society. They cannot as easily overpower you, but they are much faster. If you're responsible enough to communicate with the dog as the more intelligent species, you should be intelligent enough to recognize that they will behave like a wild animal. From that point, everything is your choice.
  5. Wolfheart57

    Wolfheart57 Member

    I think labradors or golden retrievers are really gentle and nice dogs for first time owners. Of course it would depend on if you live in an apartment or house with a backyard and your schedule. I personally haven't had any luck with the smaller breeds. They're just to hyper and happy for me but they are adorable. So I'm biased toward big dogs but I've never had issues training my labradors.
  6. SirJoe

    SirJoe Member

    Smaller dog breads tend to be more stubborn then bigger breads, there are exceptions but the rule of thumb tends to be that. Just because a bread has a certain tendency doesn't mean that it will do exactly what the breed is supposed to do. Labradors are considered very friendly dogs, yet I have met a Labrador that was extremely aggressive. It's not like buying a toy were you put in some batteries and it works exactly like it says on the packet.
  7. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac New Member

    Wow, this is way more than I was hoping for. Thank you so much! (and thanks to anyone else who answered, too, of course)
    I was already planning to get a dog at birth for different reasons (first, bonding with them right from their first months will surely be easier; second, puppies are just adorable!), but, after your post, I definitely made up my mind.
    Also, I'm surprised you mentioned Bulldogs and Great Danes as calm breeds, I've always pictured them as quite aggressive dogs.
  8. Brittk90

    Brittk90 New Member

    For a new dog owner, I'd try to stay away from dogs that require a lot of grooming. If you have to jump through hoops every couple weeks and shell out a lot of money to get the dog groomed, you'll start to regret all the work. This goes hand in hand with shedding. Wiping dog hair off the furniture a few times a day will really start to take up your time, and you may grow to resent all the work it takes just to clean up all the hair. Really research the breed you are looking at to gauge how much work is involved with grooming/shedding. (I chose a yorkshire terrier based on the fact that they have hair, not fur, and don't shed at all!)

    My only other piece of advice is to know the personality of the dog you are looking for. Each dog is totally different regardless of breed. If you are very active and want to take your dog hiking with you etc. look for a dog with higher energy level. If you just want a little cuddle buddy to sit on the couch and watch netflix marathons with you, search out a mellow dog. Talk to the breeder or adoption agency about your lifestyle and finding a dog that would really fit in. It definitely helped when I picked out my dog. I knew I wanted a quiet, mellow, lap dog. I almost got my current dog's sibling when I was looking for a dog! I saw her sister online and decided to go out and meet the current foster family. I was dead set on getting the one I had seen online. I was speaking with the current foster parent and spoke to him about what I was really looking for and my lifestyle. He suggested the younger sister of the dog I had seen online. I listened to the foster parent and I'm so glad I did. My quiet, friendly, mellow dog fits my lifestyle perfectly and I can't imagine my life if I didn't listen to the foster parent!
  9. Sharath S

    Sharath S New Member

    I really like Mutts. They are very friendly and very strong. They can guard your home and still be fun to play around with. They are Cheap compared to the other Exotic Dog breeds. They are very Immune and all you need to give them is loads of love. I have a mutt and I have kept it vegetarian from the Day I brought it. It has grown stronger and more Obedient ever Since. I really recommendd getting a Mutt.
  10. beautifullybree

    beautifullybree New Member

    I like to think miniature Schnauzers make a really great first pet. They do not shed. They are hypoallergenic and very easy to crate train. Besides the haircuts they are really no trouble at all. They don't consume much food compared to a bigger sized dog.
  11. Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis Member

    I think Labs and Golden Retrievers are a pretty easy first breed. They don't have very many breed-specific problems. They are pretty easy going. They get along well with children. Plus, they are smart so sometimes I feel they are pretty easy to train and wanting to please their owner(s).
  12. taco

    taco New Member

    I really think mutts are a great choice for a first dog. They are usually healthier (genetically) than other dogs, and show a sense of loyalty I have never seen in pure bred dogs. Of course you can usually tell a little bit of what type the mutt is, so ones that look like shepards or retrievers or labradors will do great. Just do your research and find a breed that suits you, remember each one has totally different requirements for raising.
  13. DeMarie

    DeMarie New Member

    A dog is going to be a member of your family for many, many years. There is nothing sadder then seeing a dog sent to rescue because the family has changed it's dynamic or having a baby etc... You need to make an educated choice for what type of dog will fit you and your life style.

    Once you realize that you are making a commitment to a living being that will love you unconditionally, and in return you accept the responsibility of providing a forever home - you are ready for a pet. Take your time in making your decision - visit some shelters in the area - consider fostering to see if you will make a good pet parent. In time you will find just the right one for you :).
  14. xTinx

    xTinx Member

    I think it all boils down to personal preference and factors like household size and income. Others would always tell you to "adopt, not shop." You can scour your local pound for dog breeds that suit your fancy. However, there is none available, you can always opt to purchase one or ask a friend who owns a breed you prefer.
  15. gracer

    gracer New Member

    Very well said! :) After reading this post, I also couldn't think of any other thing to add anymore because everything has been basically tackled here. Thank you for this post because I have also learned a lot.

    Maybe if there's just one thing that I would add, I think any breed would do as long as the owner has the passion and patience to take good care of a dog. As what others have said, dogs are also part of our family so if we treat them with love and care, they will also respond in their own way of showing you how much they appreciate and love you as their owner. I wish you luck on choosing your dog breed @PenguinManiac. :)
  16. Perrito

    Perrito New Member

    I would personally never recommend big sized and aggressive dogs to non-experienced owners, because it would be something very difficult for them to handle and it would definitely cause a mess, therefore, I highly recommend getting small sized or perhaps medium sized dogs that would fit the space they're going to spend most of their day in and such things in order to make it easier for the owner and better for the dog.
  17. gracer

    gracer New Member

    Speaking of big-sized dogs, my mom has a big dog and it could be quiet aggressive and playful. My mom has had a long experience when it comes to taking care of dogs but she was used to the smaller ones and her age is also now a factor that hinders her from being able to take care of the dog well. One time, she was walking the dog when it suddenly chased a smaller dog. Due to my mom's old age, she suffered an injury because of being pulled so hard by the dog. So I guess the size of a dog also matters not just for how new an owner is but also on how old he/she is.

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