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Are all leashes the same?

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In any dog store, you'll most likely find a wide set of leashes to choose from, and most of them differ in pattern, material and, of course, price. However, appearance aside, are they truly that different, or are they equivalent to each other? In the first case, why would you choose one over the others? Are some of them better for particular breeds? For instance, would a leather, more resistent leash be better for bigger breeds, or are woven leashes good enough?
First, in actual use, a leather leash is often not more resistant than the nylon leads. A real leather leash requires care and conditioning, like any leather to keep it supple and strong. They can get mold, stiffen, get brittle, or crack. Water is especially bad for them. Some of them have a little give in them. I have one that I bought when I first got Casper, before he learned not to pull on the leash. It was exactly 3 feet long when I bought it but it's now about 4.5 inches longer than that. Dogs are also more inclined to chew on a leather leash if given a chance. Not that a determined chewer won't take on nylon leads but a dog that would ignore nylon might be intrigued by real leather.

I base my leash choices on what I intend to do with them and I'll admit that I have a wide selection of them. I have a leather leash that is for classes and "best behavior" events, like going into the pet store or eating at an outdoor cafe. I have a six-foot nylon lead for normal walks. I have a flexi (with the webbing lead, not the cord) for "potty time" or just hanging out. And I have a bungee-cord like stretchy leash that we use for hiking or other times when I want to attach him to my belt and have him stay in a heel position for an extended period of time. He's trained to understand the behavior expectations I have with the different leashes and he really does know what I want when I get out a certain leash.

That said, my criteria in order are:
1) Is the clasp strong enough for my dog and easy for me to use? There are a lot of different options.
2) Is the handle or leash comfortable for me to hold for an extended period of time?
3) Is it practical for what I plan to do with it?
4) Do I like how it looks?


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I would agree totally with those criteria. So long as it is the right length (I prefer 6 ft), the material is strong, and the clash is safe and secure, that's about all that matters. Anything beyond that is aesthetic preference for the most part.
Oh no. I am no leash expert - if there are any out there - but I do know that just like anything there is a quality gap when it comes to brands. I have lived it, and have had at least one fall apart on me. I would just say that you usually get what you pay for, so do not count on the dollar store to give you a leash that lasts a long time or is comfortable, which is actually more important than many people might think.
I do not like leather, as my dog is outside frequently I find it doesn't last as long as a nylon one. I don't care much about what it looks like, as long as it's comfortable for me to hold on to for any extended period of time, it's secure and strong and practical. Not necessarily in that order. If the nylon gets dirty I can throw in the sink to soak (the washing machine might be a little too much).
I don't really know, but I usually associate expensiver leashes with the quality of it, I haven't bought leashes in a really long time but the last I bought was pretty expensive for me and it was a really pretty blue one for my smaller dog and he still have it and it has lasted him for years, literally.
I have no idea. I just bought what I like or how the leash feels in my hands, plus the length that I need. My dog has too many at the current time :) as I tend to shop for him more than for myself, LOL!
I think leashes differ on the quality of its material. Some may be brittle or easily broken if pulling is too strong. There are materials which make leashes strong and you can use it for more time. I think expensive leashes which obviously have better materials are more durable to use.
Make sure that the dog is not allergic to the material, the length is appropriate for walking, the leash is durable, and it fits and is comfortable to the dog, then you can choose whichever you like. Aesthetics is just a bonus for you