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and mouth, buckle the floor after the floor looks more balanced

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 21, 2017.

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    environmentally friendly, a selection of the main indicators of plastic floor. High-quality plastic flooring is expensive, many small workshop-style businesses tend to use cheaper common plastic, or even cheaper cheaper plastic, if the use of these poor floor glue, not only the floor quality will be affected, home safety will be serious Threats. 5. Mats, moisture-proof membrane As the laying of laminate flooring
    does not require keel, the use of suspended laying method, the floor is about to shop directly on the mat, the laying of this radiation method is simple, short duration, low cost and laminate flooring prices Solid wood floors to be low. As the mat is between the floor and the ground, the space is small, easy to breed bacteria, we must choose a mat with anti-corrosion features, the real moisture-proof, quiet effect.
    Moisture-proof membrane is laid between the keel and solid wood flooring, to isolate the water vapor, to prevent damp solid wood flooring. Each piece of moisture-proof membrane to be adjacent to the moisture-proof membrane overlap 5 cm, corner should also be more than 5 cm. These are some of the necessary accessories on the laying of the floor, I hope everyone can be useful. More decoration
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