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allow the floor to dry naturally

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 17, 2017.

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    method on the floor using essential oil or floor wax on the floor maintenance. The first two or three years to play once, at least once a year. In addition, the living room balcony and other direct sunlight at the area, to take shelter when the light measures can be more effective protection floor discoloration. Part3: identify the cause of the right remedy to solve summer floor shrinkage winter floor shrink, there has not
    been fully restored to the summer floor. In this regard, the contraction of the floor should be a dialectical point of view, not necessarily because of the quality of the floor there is a problem. First, the floor shrinkage is a normal phenomenon in accordance with national standards, according to the different materials, flooring pavement have different standards. Timber by heating up cold contraction is a normal
    phenomenon, if greater than the standard from the seam, they need careful examination. 1, for solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, pavement should be less than 0.8 mm from the seam. During the one-year warranty, the split must be within 2 mm. 2, for strengthening the floor, pavement should be less than 0.2 mm from the seam. During the warranty period, reinforced flooring can not exceed 0.35 mm from the
    water resistant composite floor stockists
    mulch area outside wooden railroad ties
    tongue and groove decking outdoor

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