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Adopting a wild Fennec Fox

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According to this article

Children from China are begging their parents for pet foxes as pets. The likely victims a rare protected fox known as a Fennec Foxes because they have big ears and remain small. They are sold for a little over three thousand dollars and some parents are giving into their children's whining.

For me this is alarming because they are wild animal, even more than they are protected. You shouldn't have a wild animal as a pet much less a pet in a very small apartment. It takes centuries to properly domesticate an animal. On some level, cats aren't fully domesticated and neither are bunnies if you compare them to how domesticated dogs, oxen, cows, and sheep are. What are your thoughts?
Children adopting wild animals as pets usually end up in neglect or animal abuse. A child wants them because a fennec fox is cute or cool looking, like a toy instead of a living being. Most parents buying exotic animals don't bother with performing some valuable previous research, thus they remain ignorant enough to not take the required responsibility. At least I expect that those animals end up in a suitable place such as an animal refuge.
This seems a little strange and a bit dangerous, and I am wondering what sort of cultural factors are at play here in China that is allowing this to happen. If it has not been considered a pet before but all of the sudden it is, it seems like a strange thing to just start happening all of the sudden. They are very cute animals, so maybe word of mouth is just very effective there. Either way, I hope that these animals are being respected and allowed to live as wild animals, because like @MUTTLIFE stated it is not usually something that ends well otherwise.
This is terrible news, I really hope that their parents don't give in and actually get a fox. Fortunately they are very expensive and need special permits. We already have domesticated foxes and wolves, they are called dogs.
I could see why someone would want to adopt a Fennec Fox, but they need to be properly informed on how to care for them. I don't think we should EVER listen to children's reasoning behind wanting an animal. Children do not understand what comes with taking care of another life, so this has bad written all over it. It hurts my heart that parents are taking these animals in without knowing what comes with having a fox. From what I understand, Fennec Foxes are a handful and need tons of attention.