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A warm sweater for winter

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One of the best things I have bought for my little chihuahua is a couple of warm sweaters for winter time. She seems to really appreciate them. She has one that is kind of medium weight and one warmer. Sometimes I layer them if it is really cold. The main thing is to remember to pull it off of her when she comes back inside, as she might get overheated otherwise.
None of the dogs I've tried to dress seem to appreciate their outfits very much. My grandmother's chihuahua/terrier mix, Erin, would rather freeze her little rump off than don her sweater. She gets very angry if we try to dress her up. Then there was my other grandma's dachshund, Rusty, who absolutely loathed outerwear. Even though he was short-haired and subject to shaking, he'd tear at whatever piece of fabric he could reach. Or he'd somehow wriggle himself out of it like a miniature Houdini.

I guess it depends on the dog haha.
My dog has a sweat shirt for the winter since he has short hair, and our winter is terribly cold. He really doesn't like to wear it and he doesn't want to go outside in the snow either.

I am thinking of getting him booties for this winter, since the ice is really bad for his paws.
Oh sweaters, my dog HATED hers. With her short hair I figured a nice sweater would be nice for the winter because we do get some cold ones. No go. First she refused to let me put it on her. When I finally got it on she tried to get it off but for some reason couldn't. Then she would refuse to go outside with it on, I'm thinking she was embarrassed, quite funny and as soon as you took it off she'd make a run for it outside.
I also have a little chihuahua (the one in my picture) and we also have a couple of sweaters for him when it's winter, even though he is not the biggest fan of sweaters, I think that he's internally grateful when he's outside. When it comes to my other dog, he hates clothes in general, lol! We have tried it but he gets all desperate, and I rather see him kind of awkward because of the weather than desperate, I guess. He also doesn't seems to have any problems with cold weather since is a bigger dog.
I think very few dogs would want to put on a sweater. I never really tried to do it with my dog but I'm sure he wouldn't have approved. I guess you could trying dressing a small dog when it's really necessary (like cold weather) but if the dog wants to pull it off you better don't force them.
My dog enjoys wearing his sweater and/or coat in the wintertime as, being a Whippet, he is very susceptible to the cold and damp of winter. We had to order a specialty sweater and coat from Hound Togs since his build is different from other dogs who are not in the greyhound family and it is important for the sweater to fit well. Otherwise, a dog will likely shun it as it becomes an impediment to his movement and/or is uncomfortable.
We do have a puffy vest type thing for Banjo for the winter time, because it does get rather cold here too, and I don't want him freezing when I have to take him out for a walk! But I wouldn't say he's the biggest fan of having it on. He tolerates it, but would probably prefer not to wear it - but it's just too cold otherwise at that time of year!


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Those dog shirts and sweaters look really nice and cute and we had fun choosing them for our two pugs. Sadly, they hardly appreciate the gesture and would prefer to cuddle up when it gets cold. Oh yeah, we bought them shoes, too, but they would rather walk without them. And I guess, that's probably how things should be.
Well I have never been someone to dress up my pet, but I did know that when I was starting out the relationship that I am now in, it might have to be part of the deal. Turns out it was, and now I do sit idly by as I see my little guy wear sweaters and shirts, but I do have to admit that it is kind of cute. We were able to find a compromise of nothing in public, so I am all good there.
Is a good idea to don your dog with warm clothing when exposed to warm climates, of course, as long as your dog breed is small and have a very thin layer of fat and fur, like pinscher or chihuahua breeds. But is not necessary for a Chow Chow, Husky or golden retriever.
He must look really cute with the sweater on :p
It's really common to see Chihuahuas wearing any kind of dress, I personally think it's because they're mostly small sized and therefore it's way easier to put on some clothes on their little bodies.
I currently bought a t-shirt for my puddle some months ago and he really looks sexy with it :p
Putting sweater to a dog is ok but it should only use if necessary and not just to look good. Many dogs need a dress or sweater to keep it warm in the time of winter. But there are also dogs that don't need it like dogs that are really race in cold places like the husky.