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A snake for a pet

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I had always wanted a snake for a pet but everyone kept telling me they can be very dangerous, even if they are not venomous they could wrap around me and squeeze me to death. Makes me sad but I prefer staying alive. I am not taking any chances there. My dog is fine enough for me as is. Love him so much.
:oops: Yikes, snakes are dangerous, venomous or not...

I am glad that you decided not to get a snake. It's very true that snakes can be dangerous even if they are not venomous. Garden snakes are not venomous, but if bitten by a garden snake could you cause harm as well. Play it safe and enjoy your dog.

Honestly, whether a pet snake is dangerous or not depends on the breed of snake.

Boas and pythons are usually a bad idea for a pet snake. It's unfortunate, because I find them absolutely adorable, and they're very affectionate! But most species can grow to five feet in length, or even more, and at that size they really could wrap around their owners and cause them injury or death. Even if it were unlikely that they'd do so, I wouldn't want to risk it.

Owning a venomous snake, too, is risky. It's illegal in a lot of places anyway, but even in places where it's legal... They have the venom sacs removed before selling them, and usually the fangs in the same procedure, but fangs grow back and what most people don't know is that venom sacs can grow back too, if there was even a bit left in there that wasn't removed properly.

But there are snakes that aren't venomous and that don't grow to huge sizes that can make wonderful pets. Corn snakes, kingsnakes, and milk snakes are all perfectly safe, nonvenomous snakes that don't do the "wrap around and squeeze prey" thing that pythons do. There are even some boas and pythons that stay small enough that they should be safe to own, particularly rosy boas and male (specifically male!) ball pythons; rosy boas end up anywhere from 2 to 4 feet long, and male ball pythons usually only get to between 2 to 3 feet in length (unlike the females, which can reach 5 feet).

Also an option are hognose snakes, which do have a very mild venom that is harmless to humans, and usually only feign strikes unless they feel really threatened. They are also rear-fanged, and from all reports, even a quick defensive bite is unlikely to actually pierce skin. Hognose snakes only grow to a little over 2 feet in length, so they're pretty ideal if you're looking for a snake that you know is going to stay small.

Honestly, as long as you're careful and do research before buying, pet snakes can be incredibly safe to own. They're also much more affectionate than people might think. If you've been really, really wanting a snake for a long time, I hope the fears of the people around you haven't permanently scared you away from the idea; if you end up going for it anyway, I'm sure you'll end up with an incredibly sweet, safe pet!


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I would say it all comes down to common sense. Yes, a snake is capable of strangling you but it's not going to be roaming round your house freely like a dog is. It's going to be contained. They may also be venomous but dogs also have teeth and can bite and, of course, bigger dogs can kill. I don't have one and I don't want one but there's actually a pet snake in the house where I live and it's massive but honestly, someone else takes care of it and I hardly ever notice it. I often forget it's even there.
Snakes certainly have the potential to be dangerous but with the right research, you can probably find a small snake that isn't poisonous. I don't think there is anything wrong with being careful about getting a snake but I don't think you should be scared about it if you're careful. For me, I like snakes but the temperature in my house is constantly changing from high sixties to almost nineties. I'd be afraid that I'd accidentally either freeze or cook my snake, or any reptile really.
I believe that a snake can be a pet although I cannot say a good pet. When still young, I th ink the snake will acclimatize to the domestication so it will not bite. However, the instinct of a snake is still there and if it is a dangerous animal then you are posing a risk to yourself.

There is this story about a town mayor who had a pet python. His wife has a small dog. When the boa constrictor was with them for a month, the wife screamed upon realizing that the python had ingested her chihuahua. There was panic in the house and the mayor felt so guilty because his wife was in extreme grief for the loss of her beloved dog. The mayor went to the bedroom to get his gun and would kill the python when suddenly, the chihuahua appeared from under the bed. It was there, resting and savoring the cool air of the bedroom's air conditioner.
If you want to get a snake, research first. Not all snakes are dangerous, there are some gentle species out there. However, you should be familiar first on their feeding patterns, living habitat, and behavior as they are quite different than your traditional pets. If you don't have the time to spend in taking care of a snake, I would advise to just get regular pets for now
Snakes are cute and adorable when they are still young. But as they get older, they look wild. They need much food as they get older. I saw before on how snakes ate , they gave a whole chicken. I was shocked when it opened its mouth. :eek: Even me, would fit in its mouth.
My husband want us to have a snake as our pet.But I disagree, since we have a baby. We don't know what will happen in the future. Better to be safe than sorry.
I know there are people who have snakes as pets but I don't think its a good idea. Although it may depend on the type of snake you want, some are cute but they are dangerous as well. If you are really serious about getting one then I suggest you research it thoroughly and don't forget about safety measures.
A big NO for me. I do appreciate how some people are brave and comfortable enough to care and hold reptiles such as snakes. The thing is, I am an over thinker, so every time I see these kinds of animals, I tend to freak out. I don't like the way the slither or how cold their temperature are. I also freak out just thinking of how they can bite, grip and harm me and other family members. No hate, but I just can't. So kudos to all who can take care of them, coz' I personally cannot.
I could not imagine having a snake pet at home. That's my greatest fear to watch a snake. I don't know, I couldn't afford to even watch it! I admire people who have great courage or maybe they are passionate for snakes. Me? Big no for that.