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  1. Christavia

    Small vs. Big Dogs

    I prefer small dogs as I love having my pet when I am going to the beach or going shopping, just to keep my company. They are much easier manage for me. I always have Alexis in my shoulder bag and he is always so well behaved. When I am going in the supermarket he would just relax and keep...
  2. Christavia

    What toys does your dog like?

    My shi tzu loves stuffed toys and funny enough, he would never rip them apart. His favorite is a brown teddy a bought for him on his last birthday, he would always have it walking about in the house. He would sleep with it, mostly resting his head on it and he'd play with it for most if not...
  3. Christavia

    We Have A New Baby!!!

    Awwww so sweet. I want to get me a pompek but Alexis might get jealous so I am still contemplating. They will be lovely little girls in fact.
  4. Christavia

    Hamsters / Guinea Pigs

    I had a pair of hamsters, in fact they were my first pets. They were so adorable, their names were Chuck and Chucky. Chuck was white and Chucky had a champagne color. I put their cage outside to clean in and stepped back inside for soap but when I came out the cage was on the ground and...
  5. Christavia

    A snake for a pet

    I had always wanted a snake for a pet but everyone kept telling me they can be very dangerous, even if they are not venomous they could wrap around me and squeeze me to death. Makes me sad but I prefer staying alive. I am not taking any chances there. My dog is fine enough for me as is. Love...
  6. Christavia

    Was it easy finding a name for your dog/s?

    It was easy for me. I adopted Alexis and he had on a tag with the name Whisky! I hated the name but I wanted something close to name so he would easily get accustomed to it. Alexis may sound a bit off but I didn't think so and I love actual names for my pets. Not that I hate pooch and frisky etc..
  7. Christavia

    How many times a day do you walk your dog?

    I mostly walk him out once per day because I have work and when I get home it's a bit late to go out. Sometimes I am very tired but his early mornings is a must. On weekends when I am out of work , I walk him twice. Once in the morning and then I'm the evening.
  8. Christavia

    Does your dog like cats?

    Alexis is always chasing the neighbors cats, not to harm them but they are afraid of him. Before my cat passed away, she and Alexis were best friends. He would chase her then they would play like two kids.
  9. Christavia

    Today is a sunny day so I'll take Alexis for a little trip.

    Today is a sunny day so I'll take Alexis for a little trip.
  10. Christavia

    Scary Dogs

    I am terrified of Pitbulls and my neighbor's dog seem to sense my fear of him. Lol, of that is possible. He would hardly bark but just stand at attention staring at me and growling, appearing as if he is going to attack if I even flinch. He scares the daylights out of me. I remember one time...
  11. Christavia

    I am Jamaican

    Hi everyone, I am new here. The name is Christavia and I am a dog lover from Jamaica. My dog's name is Alexis Bogle and he is a shi tzu mixed with poodle. Welcome me