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    Cute Puppies!

    Aw that is just cute. Pugs are ugly but for some reason they are incredibly cute. It's as if you can ignore their looks because they are so much more than that. They're also quite friendly. Depending on the way they were raised, they can exhibit some fierceness. However, when they get used to...
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    Organic Food

    It's hard to acquire organic food where I'm from due to the type of climate we experience here. The dog breeds abundant in my country aren't the picky types either. They're mostly mixed breeds. It's easy to manage these breeds. You can feed them anything from fried fish to chicken/beef/pork...
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    Are some breeds better than others for a first-time dog owner?

    I think it all boils down to personal preference and factors like household size and income. Others would always tell you to "adopt, not shop." You can scour your local pound for dog breeds that suit your fancy. However, there is none available, you can always opt to purchase one or ask a friend...
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    Dogs and babies/young children

    If trust isn't an issue and I'm confident enough that my dog won't do anything to harm little children, then I will be okay leaving it in their company. Still, it pays to be cautious. For safety's sake, I or some member of the family should be around to check how things go while the kids...
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    My Loyal Companion

    The great thing about dogs is that they don't hold grudges or act like they're superior beings (qualities which cats tend to have). Once they recognize you as master and friend, they will devote themselves to you no matter how many times they get ignored. It's a little heartbreaking, though...
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    Saving the Dogs

    I am in the same boat as you guys. It always pains me whenever I see homeless dogs on the streets. I just swallow my pain because I really can't do much for them at the moment. I try to give them food whenever I can but I know it's not even enough. One of my future goals is to build a shelter...
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    Hardest Dog to Groom?

    Poodles do seem a handful. Their curly fur can be a hassle and if you don't have a lot of time at your disposal, you could end up neglecting them. I do think Collies and Mountain Dogs should be added to the list of "Dogs that are Hard to Groom" because they're likewise hairy but more...
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    Why dо dоgs аlwаys wаnt tо еаt whаt yоu аrе hаving instеаd оf еаting thеir оwn fооd? Is dоg fооd rеа

    I charge it to curiosity. Dogs are mighty curious - much like cats in that regard. Also, their keen sense of smell would already give them an inkling that you're gobbling up something edible. So regardless if they can actually stomach it or not, dogs would like to have what you're eating just to...
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    Rare Breeds You Want or Just Like

    Ovcharkas, Samoys, Malamutes and Harlequin Great Danes are some of my must-have dogs. Unfortunately, they're not common in my side of the world. I live in the tropics and those dog types I just mentioned do not really thrive here because we do not have winter and the weather can be extremely...
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    Food allergy

    Dogs, much like humans, are allergic to itchy types of food. Chicken, squid, shrimp and certain types of fish are not recommended for consumption. I know this because we had a few or so dogs whose fur came off after we gave them chicken bones with a bit of excess skin. Our neighbor's puppy...
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    Hope it makes you smile

    Those are really cute videos. Huskies, I've noticed, have more pronounced speech abilities compared to other dogs. Mishka and many other huskies on YouTube can actually form words and mimic human speech. Thanks for sharing!
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    How much do you spend monthly for your dog?

    We only have three dogs at home and the rest are cats. Our total expense for all of our pets is more or less $150 or $30 for each canine and feline. Although our dogs consume more food than our cats, they do not snack a lot compared to the latter. So expense-wise, it's just even. We buy generic...
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    Should it be legal to declaw a cat?

    I would say it depends on how the cat is declawed. If you declaw to the point of injuring it, then that should not be tolerated. Leave the declawing to the experts. Pet grooming centers have specialists who can declaw cats without injuring them. There are really times when you need to shorten...
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    Hardest and Easiest Fish to Take Care Off

    Carps and Flowerhorns make for great aquatic pets, in my opinion. The advantage of raising carps is that they're affordable (particularly when bought at a young age) and can live for decades in a filtered and regularly cleaned aquarium. The more expensive type is the Koi but they can also last...
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    Does having a dog make a difference in your life?

    Dogs. much like cats, offer comfort and relief to tired and weary pet owners. They're actually great sources of comfort and joy. Had my family and I not kept any pet at home, we would have been more stressed than we already are. Things feel better because our dogs and cats keep us on our toes...