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    Do your dogs likes to swim?

    My dog loves to swim that I joke and say I have a German Shepherd Dogfish because I can't keep her out of the lake. She runs towards it every time we go for a walk and there is no amount of treats I could bribe her to not jump in. I don't mind it though, it's cute how excited she gets to leap...
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    How to Keep Strange Dogs Out of My Yard

    Take lots of videos and pictures for evidence. Then politely tell the owners that the dogs are trespassing on your yard, the next time you find them there you're going to call the pound or the sue. It won't get you liked by your neighbors but they obviously don't respect you anyways so you...
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    Public Etiquette For Dogs?

    I was with my family and we were getting Starbucks. As we walked through the public area where the outdoor tables and seats are, we passed a couple and their dog. The dog was tied to the table but as soon as my little brother passed the table, it lunged for my brother. It was barking and...
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    What killed your dog?

    Yeah, she killed my pet rabbit not even two weeks afterwards by putting her outside during the first snow. She froze to death in the garage. So yeah, I'm sure it was deliberate. Plus, I see how she treats the family member's pets.
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    Do you let your dog off the lead in public places?

    Personally, I think it depends on the dog. I had one dog that had been trained so well, the she would stay right next to you without a leash. It didn't matter that if people came buy or other dogs came a barked at her, she would just stay right next to me. But for most dogs, having them on a...
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    Dogs in the summer

    I've heard the rule is that if you can pay your hand on the pavement without burning it, you shouldn't walk your dog on it either. I don't like walking my dogs during the afternoon, because I hate the extreme heat and sun. But I've been seeing more walkers who put shoes on their dogs to...
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    What killed your dog?

    My grandma made my family keep our dog outside because she didn't want dog hairs in the house. My dog Blondie was used to being with us and taken on rides. So while my mom was finding a place for us to live and my sister and I were at school, no one was watching my dog. She saw my grandma get...
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    Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat

    I was reading an article about dogs and how they are built like carnivores from their small GI track to their lack of enzymes in their saliva to break down cellulose. Then I remember a scene in the movie Shirley Valentine where she feeds her neighbor's vegan dog the steaks she had bought for...
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    Vegan Dogs

    -You're letting your vegan bias cloud your logic. Here, https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/canine-nutrition/dogs-carnivores-omnivores/ and article that explains that while dogs can eat carbohydrate-based foods, it's body is still optimized for eating meat because they evolved from timber wolves...
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    Munchkins Controversy

    It bothers me that people would deliberately continue to breed a bad trait into an animal for atheistic reasons. I think it's fine to keep a deformed pet as an animal, I'm just not into purposely passing know genetic problems. Munchkins are the product of deliberately breeding cats with a...
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    A snake for a pet

    Snakes certainly have the potential to be dangerous but with the right research, you can probably find a small snake that isn't poisonous. I don't think there is anything wrong with being careful about getting a snake but I don't think you should be scared about it if you're careful. For me, I...
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    Hamsters / Guinea Pigs

    Hamsters are burrowing creatures, they need dig and bite through matterials to be happy. To be really happy they need more than a couple of inches of bedding and wheel. They need to have almost twenty inches of bedding that they can dig through and make a home out of. They also need materials...
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    Does your dog like cats?

    My dogs are a little wary of the cats because they're smart. They don't hiss and growl at each other yet. The brother's dog likes the cats the least and usually sticks close to my brother when he's in the house or in his room. My dog though has to deal with the cats because most of them are...
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    Do you (or anyone you know) carry your dog in your purse?

    Oh yes, not only have I seen many women carry their little dogs in a fashion bag but it's so common where I live that I'm surprised when they let the dog walk on a leash. There is even this one older lady who has a stroller, like a kid's stroller, for her little dog. The dog isn't injured or...
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    Mixed Breeds

    I haven't had a mixed breed dog, all the dogs I've had were given to me as presents as a kid or I bought as an adult. I like buying a purebred dog because you can look for genetic health issues. But I used to walk dogs in high school and college and most of the mixed breed dogs were my...