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    Quotes about Dogs

    “Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” ― Milan Kundera
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    What toys does your dog like?

    The German Shepherd I grew up with, Jessie, adored squeaky toys and sprinklers. In the summertime, I'd spend hours chasing her and getting chased, mud wrestling and playing fetch with her. Good times. Another dog, Rusty, who belonged to my grandmother, loved any toy that he could disembowel...
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    We Have A New Baby!!!

    Aw, congratulations! The pup looks like such a sweetheart! The breed combination sounds like a winner to me. You're sure to have quite the character. Here's to Piper Ann's health and happiness :)
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    Playful vs. affectionate

    I'm a ridiculously active person, so I'd prefer a dog that wants to be on the go and sticking their noses into things. Though an affectionate dog is nice, I'm not a fan of the couch potato breeds simply because I'm don't even own a couch. Where would the poor dear sit? In all seriousness though...
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    When your dog looks at you like "What on earth are you doing?"

    I get this from a lot of animals, lol, not just dogs. Cats seem pretty good at making this face too. I think it's funny when animals get confused by human actions. Even better when they express it with narrowed eyes or a cocked head. My parents' dog, Rufio, is a perfect example of this...
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    Favorite Breed?

    I love Savannah cats. They're big and dog-like and amazing. I also love Scottish Folds. They just have such expressive faces and cute ears. The colors of their coats are really stunning too.
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    Do you have a plan in place of how to save your dog in an emergency?

    Golly do I think about this often. As a child, I used to agonize over what would happen if there was a fire. I lived in a huge house full of pets. What horrified me was the idea of leaving one behind to perish terribly. I often told myself that it depended on what was happening and where how I...
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    fun facts about dogs

    Holy crap, 66,000 puppies. I can't even. Indeed, dogs aren't colorblind. Dogs also have a 250 degree field of vision, compared to a human 190 degree field of vision, meaning they can see a lot more than we can. Squirrel! However, humans can focus on things better because our eyes are closer...
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    Intelligence of dogs

    I don't think intelligence is linked to the color of a dog's palate. That's like saying the color of its skin determines how smart it is, which we all know is just foofie. Rather, as others have mentioned: genetics. Small dogs can be just as intelligent as large breed dogs (though I do think...
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    What are some simple tricks you should teach first?

    Hmm, everyone has made great suggestions. I, too, feel that the first "trick" should be one related to housebreaking. When I was training Rufio, my parents' dog, to go outside, I taught him to go over to the door and wait. As soon as I noticed, he'd scoot over to me to patiently wait for his...
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    Neighbor's Big Dog

    As @Belovedad mentioned, since the dude's leaving (which is actually great news in this case), it's best to just deal with it for now. I mean, you could technically spray the fence with some kind of foul tasting deterrent like cayenne pepper and lemon juice or wasabi. That might keep the dog...
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    Food allergy

    Sounds kind of like the infamous 'bacon allergy' some people are cursed with. That's a shame for Pipoy! But I'm glad you were able to sort it out and that he's doing okay. A few of my animals in the past had exhibited similar allergic reactions to certain foods. The current family dog, Rufio...
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    A warm sweater for winter

    None of the dogs I've tried to dress seem to appreciate their outfits very much. My grandmother's chihuahua/terrier mix, Erin, would rather freeze her little rump off than don her sweater. She gets very angry if we try to dress her up. Then there was my other grandma's dachshund, Rusty, who...
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    Toys, noises, and owner's nerves

    I have misophonia. In other words, even the sound of my dog's tongue squishing against the rubber edge of a ball will make crap hit the fan. I had to go the route of those toys with squeakers that only dogs can hear. The issue with that is during play I never know if I'm actually hitting the...
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    Does having a dog make a difference in your life?

    Animals in general have made a difference in my life. Some of my happiest memories have nothing to do with human interaction but with my or someone else's pets. For the longest time, my only friend was the German Shepherd my parents have bought around the same time I came into this world. We...