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    Hоw dо yоu tеасh аn оld dоg nеw triсks?

    Yes I have found it is true that young dogs are easier to train, but that doesn't mean an old dog won't listen. Dogs have been bred for thousands of years to take commands from us, so it is hardwired in them, you just need to know how to get them to express it. There are several books on the...
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    Are some breeds better than others for a first-time dog owner?

    I really think mutts are a great choice for a first dog. They are usually healthier (genetically) than other dogs, and show a sense of loyalty I have never seen in pure bred dogs. Of course you can usually tell a little bit of what type the mutt is, so ones that look like shepards or...
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    Dogs and babies/young children

    Very strange story, when me and the wife had our first child my little mutt dog, who before then was always not that territorial, became like the super guardian of the baby. He would sleep under the crib and gnarl at anyone entering the room other than me or my wife. We didn't let him play...
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    Do you let your dog off the lead in public places?

    Well this depends. Are these parks or shopping mall parking lots? I would consider letting my dog off the leash at a park (and I for sure would do it at a dog park) if there weren't many people around and we were in a nice quiet area. Other places like a shopping mall lot or heck even on the...
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    How did you Choose your dog?

    I like to think my dog chose me. I was just out of college and didn't really want an animal but this stray little chihuahua mixed with something mutt just kept hanging around. He was the sweetest dog ever and it just broke my heart to think that he could be picked up by the pound so I adopted...
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    Intelligence of dogs

    Dogs and humans have a special bond that has been formed in the 10,000 years we have been living and working together. Dogs with superior empathy (the ability to read humans) and intelligence were bred into the gene pool. It is not just some coincidence dogs have an uncanny knack to tell when...
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    How many times a day do you walk your dog?

    This will totally depend on the breed and if the dog stays indoors all day or has a backyard to roam. For indoor animals, an Australian Shepard is going to need a lot more walks than say a chihuahua, so it depends on the breed and their temper. Ideally all dogs should be walked at a minimum of...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hi! I am from Memphis and the proud owner of a golden retriever and a mutt (half chihuahua and half who knows) I have been very successful in training them, but really who can't train a golden retriever! Anyway I hope to learn a lot from everyone here and even be able to share some of my...